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This is really the truth...

Baseball 148,632,809 votes for best sport

Football is in 2nd with 141,567,995 votes

Why baseball should be the best? You get payed the most money..that matters to some people but not me..You have to be real strong to hit the ball 400 feet out of a looks so awesome on T.V. You get great hits, great dives and catches, fans everywhere chearing you on, and it was the first American sport[wich was usually cricket], and it is very fun when u play it. Soccer is just kicking and blocking BIG DEAL!! football is easley you can get hurt, and it is not as fun as baseball really if you watch a normal season game of football its going to get boring...Not BASEBALL....face it ITS THE BEST!!!

It's like you sit and watch for 1/2 hour , and the minute you leave the room, somebody hits a home run. It's boring AND frustrating.

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Q: Why shouldn't baseball be the national sport?
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Venezuela's national sports is baseball.

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The national sport of Panama is baseball.

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The national sport of Dominican Republic is Baseball

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It always has been the national sport.

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In the United States, baseball is known as a national pastime and is the national sport of the country.

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