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because you will choke on it. pull over and eat it standing or sitting.

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โˆ™ 2010-05-25 19:20:23
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Q: Why should you not eat sausages if you are running?
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Venus Flytraps should not be fed sausages. Feeding the plant meat will kill the plant. Insects should be it's only food.

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People in France do eat sausages, but weird ones!

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if it is meat you can eat it.

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Yes they eat everything

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You can eat but not to much.

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What do the people of Germany eat?

sausages and cabbage

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some rabbits do eat sausages. im not sure if its bad for them, but one of mine at half a suasage that my dog had and the rabbit showeed no side effects.

Do Americans eat a lot of sausages?

Yeah they eat a lot of dicks too.

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German people eat sausages and lots of fish.

You dont eat meat but you do eat mince and sausages are you a vegetarian?

No, but there are vegetarian alternatives.

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any kind

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because they like them.

What foods should you eat before running?

Ideally you should eat a meal consisting of 50 to 75 grams of carbohydrates before running a marathon. If you are training you should eat 15-30 grams of carbs before going out.

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If you can eat while running then as much as you want

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They eat Sausages and Ham,Mat like Pigs meat

Are sausages bad for you?

I personally think that they are pretty fatty. So have a maximum of 2-3 sausages. My mother always used to tell me not too eat sausages like they are fat free and stuff. ( it kind of sunk in a BIT ) Sausages are yummy but give you a tummy.