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It is fine to do exercises such as bench press without a spotter if you know what you are doing. I bench press without a spotter and I do fine. It is safer to have a spotter but not necessary.

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Q: Why should you never do an exercise such as a bench press without a spotter?
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Why should yopu never do an exercise such as the bench press without spotten?

You could get hurt and injure yourself

Why should you never do an exercise such as the bench without a spotter?

Because, if you miscalculate and get stuck under the weight, you could end up injuring yourself or damaging the equipment from "dumping" the weight (in the event of getting stuck in the bench press). In additions, spotters are also there to ensure that catastrophic accidents, such as dropping the weight on your neck (there are some nasty videos on YouTube of this happening), can be prevented.If you are lifting with any heavy weight, you should NEVER go forward without a spotter. Failure to do so may result in serious injury and/or damage to the equipment.

How heavy should weights be for thirteen year old boy?

20 pouds is an average but if you want to get good bench press 50 but have a spotter

What is the opposite exercise to the bench press?

The opposite exercise to the bench press is the seated row.

Does having a spotter unrack weight for bench presser aid lifter on max?

It's a good idea. It certainly doesn't hurt. After all, the bench presser has to work less immediately before an attempt. In a competition, any aid (such as a bench shirt) is welcome. (If you are doing a heavy single bench press at home, please always have either a spotter or two or do them in a power rack with properly set safety bars.)

Which types of lifts require spotters?

Depends on a variety of factors. If you are lifting past your abilities, it would be helpful to have a spotter to maintain safety and good form. It also gives a mental edge that allows you to lift more than what you normally would without a spotter.

Im 5'10 and 210 how much should i bench to get cut?

I would say about 60% or 70% of your one rep max on bench warm up with 50% or you can burn out by starting with 80% then 70%, 60%, 50% then you can do push ups to finish with. of cousre warm up first then do 80%. Reps should be till failure. (have a spotter)

Is the Body-Solid PowerCenter GDIB46L Olympic Weight Bench safe to use alone?

The Body-Solid PowerCenter bench is safe to use alone, but it's best to always have a spotter, just in case.

What is the best set of basic supplies for basic exercise without spending hundreds of dollars?

There are a lot of cheap machines that enable you to do a lot of exercise. Universal Bench is a great tool to workout.

Which exercise make your bicep gigger?

bench pressing.

Which exercise is the best for chest and arms?

bench press

What is a bench press?

A bench press is a form of exercise which is performed by pressing the mass of a barbell away from one's body while lying on a bench.