Why should teen athletes avoid performance enhancers?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Why should teen athletes avoid performance enhancers?
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How does sunburn affect athletes?

If a sunburn is bad enough, an athlete would have pain when he moved, which could affect his performance. Tennis players are especially exposed to the sun for long periods of time, especially their legs. Most athletes avoid sunburn when playing outdoors.

How can you avoid getting athletes foot?

to avoid contact with bare floor where other people have been with a fungie foot problem

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Why won't British athletes shake hands with the kiwis at this years Olympics?

To avoid getting sick

Why won't british athletes shake hands with kiwi at this year's Olympics?

To avoid getting sick

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These foods would be beneficial to athletes or to others who incur heavy fluid loss. Patients on potassium-restricted diets should avoid them, or eat them sparingly, as advised by their nutritionist.

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Why do pro sports teams make players take urine drug tests?

Professional sports team force players to take urine drug tests to avoid cheating by using performance enhancing drugs. Steroid use is a common problem among pro athletes in competitive sports.

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