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There are many reasons why someone should give you a scholarship. You could have done something very helpful or have a dream.

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Q: Why should someone give you a scholarship?
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Can someone give you a presentation of themselves that could help you win a scholarship?

No not a chance.

Should I have someone look over my scholarship application or just spell check it?

In my view of this, I would rather have someone look over my scholarship application rather than a simple spell check because to simplify this, your scholarship application is handed to a real person who will carefully read and analyze it therefore, giving a real life person your scholarship to read would help you since they can give you that real life experience.

Are there scholarship programs offered aside from the Scholarship program?

Yes, there are scholarship sites such as MoolahSPOT that can give you several scholarship options.

How can someone get a fast scholarship?

of course through scholarship... i think it s the best way to get quick scholarship.

Why should you get this scholarship?

A person should get a scholarship for many reasons. They may deserve the scholarship because of educational accomplishments or because of financial reasons.

Why should i give you scholarship?

You should cater your answer to the firm providing said scholarship and see what other charities etc they are involved in. research them and you will have your answer. They don't want to hear you are a great guy, they want specifics on what you are going to do with the education they paid for.

Why should the scholarship pick you for the merit scholarship?

Because I'm the best.

Can you get a scholarship with a GED?

GED's give me a bonner.

What should you do when someone is hungry?

Give them food

If you give a scholarship to a student can you deduct from 2008 taxes what they should have paid?

Unless your a business or a charity, your gift is not tax deductible.

What do you have to do get an scholarship for a performing arts high school?

You really need to go to that schools website. That should give you plenty of info.

Where can I apply for a scholarship?

If you want to apply for a scholarship you should search for one at : It's a good site to search for a scholarship which suits you.

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