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Q: Why should people remember Jeannette Rankin?
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What should people remember about sharks?

People should remember to get out of the water calmly and quickly when sharks are seen in their area.

Why does everyone hate madisen hill?

A lot of people dislike Madisen Hill because she is dating Nathan Kress, an actor who plays Freddie in the Nickelodeon show Icarly. Many people who watch this show believe than Nathan Kress and Jeannette Mccurdy, the actress who plays Sam on Icarly, should be together. Some fans take it to far and hate on his girlfriend for "stealing" him from Jeannette.

Why should we remember the holocost?

We should remember the Holocost because we do not want it to happen again. It was HORIBLE. When we learn about it, we learn about tolerance and how to tolerate people.

Should we or shouldn't we remember august the 6th 1945?

Most people remember it as the date we begun the nuclear age.

Should the Holocaust be remembered?

I'm sure that the people who were in it would rather not remember it.

Should you put birth date on birthday card?

yeaa, you should. people like it when they can remember what year that birthday was...

Why is it important to remember people on remembrance day?

It is important to remember dead people on rembrance day cause they died fighting for us and we should rember them it is also my grandparents anniversary

Why should people remember midway battle?

History's first decisive clash of carriers.

Why should people remember Pearl Harbor?

Pearl harbor should be remembered because it survived world war 2

Why should people remember Miles Davis?

They helped to push modal jazz into the mainstream culture.

Sue should remember the message what is the verb pharse?

"should remember."

Why is Memorial Day the most solemn holiday?

I think because we should remember the people that are important to the world.