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If your in a situation were you need to swim or else you will drown its a good idea and especially if you go near deep water

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Q: Why should kids learn to swim?
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Can kids swim with winter the dolphin?

i think kids should be able to swim with winter it will help us kids bond with animals

Should school teachers teach swimming?

no parents should and they should sing Keep Kids Alive and Do the Five ... Fence the pool Shut the gate Teach your kids to swim - its Great ! Supervise-watch your mate Learn to resuscitate. Mime the rhyme to survive and Keep Kids Alive.

Why do some schools don't allow swim team?

some kids can not swim but it still would be a good thing for them to learn and some schools do not have even money for a swim team. If we have an obease state you should put do what you have to do if you dont want an obease state.

How many people swim at Australia?

Nearly everyone basically! even kids aged 6 months start to learn how to swim

What are the skills you need to get in the coast guard?

You should learn how to swim.

Why should kids not watch adult swim?

Because none of the shows aired on adult swim are suitable for kids. That's why it's called adult swim.

How do you teach your 3 year old daughter to swim?

Did you know that it's instinct for a baby to swim to the top of the surface of water after birth? France started this method of birthing and it's an instinct in us. Some people fear water. Enroll your daughter in swimming classes. She will have fun and meet new friends. If you don't know how to swim you should also learn. My girlfriend (with much prodding from me) and she's 45 had a fear of water and took a program to learn how to swim. She passed and I was so proud of her. She also sent her daughter to swimming classes. It is a must to learn to swim. You just never know when you are going to need it. I have got a ryme: Keep Kids Alive and Do the Five ... Fence the pool Shut the gate Teach your kids to swim - its Great ! Supervise-watch your mate Learn to resuscitate. Mime the rhyme to survive and Keep Kids Alive.

Should all Australian children learn how to swim?

my awnser is yes.

Why should you learn to swim?

Its not just a leisure thing it can be a case of survival

When was Swim Kids created?

Swim Kids was created in 2010.

How fish learn to swim?

Fish are born to swim, they learn naturally like we learn how to walk

Do penguins have to learn how to swim?

Yes penguins have to learn to swim because if they did not learn how to swim they could not go hunt for food and they would starve and/or drown

What is the proper age to learn how to swim?

There really is no "proper" age but I'd say you should learn well in your youth.

Why should us kids learn cursive?

we should learn cursive so we could get a job, a dagree

Why should kids work together?

Kids should work together to learn new ideas and be sociable

When and how do seagulls learn to swim?

Seagulls can swim as soon as they fledge, they do not have to learn how to do this it comes naturally.

What do you have to do to become a swim teacher?

learn how to swim!

Do you need to be able to swim to be in the air force?

The is no requirement that you need to be able to swim to join the Air Force. There are certain careers in the Military that require that you know how to swim. If you are interested in one of these then you should learn how to swim.

Why should kids learn Spanish at a young age?

It is easier to learn languages when you are young.

What can we learn from nelson Mandela's life?

we can learn that we us kids should fight for our rights

When should kids learn about the Holocaust?

Kids should learn about the Holocaust when they are in 5th or 6th grade, they should be able to understand everything and not be exposed to too much inappropriate things about the Holocaust at a young age.

How old are penguins when they learn to swim?

Penguins ususally learn to swim at 2 months old

Should kids have a right to pick what they want to learn in school?

no the children should not have the right to pick the things they learn in school

Is there a swim for life for kids?

There is a Swim For Life in many cities and some may or may not have a chidren's version. They might have a shorter distance for kids. For Swim Across America they have a kids versoin

Should schools have a swimming pool?

Yes because every child should be able to learn how to swim for their own safety.

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