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only tryout to be a cheerleader if you want to! Cheerleading is SO much fun and it gives you a whole new experience!!

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Q: Why should i tryout to be a cheerleader?
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How can one become a cheerleader for the Houstan Texans?

To be a cheerleader for the Houston Texans one should have some dance or cheerleader experience. One should audition an open tryout when they have yearly search for new talent.

What motivates a cheerleader to tryout for college cheer?


How do you become a cheerleader in high school?

The school will hold a tryout

Give you a summary of what happened in the beginning of the book The Accidental Cheerleader?

In the beginning of The Accidental Cheerleader Kylie (the outgoing one)signs herself and her shy bff Sophie for cheerleading tryouts.Sophie won't tryout but her crush Joel convinces her to tryout with Kylie.During their tryout Kylie messes up.Kylie becomes the school mascot which is a mule while Sophie is a cheerleader. Will this separate their friendship?Read The Accidental Cheerleader to find out!

How do you bomb a cheer tryout?

to do cheerleader try out you have to do a good cheer to wow to judge make them think that you can do it

How does one apply to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader?

To become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, you have to apply at one of their tryout events. This is usually help on a yearly basis, at Texas stadium or a closer location.

What do you have to do if you want to be a cheerleader and make the team?

First you have to tryout but before you tryout make sure u stretch and practice your jumps you know toe touches pikes ,hickeys hurdles and if u can flip make sure you show that off.

How do you become a competitive cheerleader?

Well, you can join a local competitive cheer squad; for example, Cheer4Life. Other than that practice hard, like really hard and tryout for your schools' cheer squad. Good Luck!! Source(s): Well I am a cheerleader(:

How do you spell tryout?

Tryout is correct.

What rhymes with tryout?

Buyout rhymes with tryout.

Do the Pittsburgh Pirates hold Tryout Camps?

The Pirates do hold tryout camps. To get tryout information, call the Pirates tryout hotline. The number is 412-325-4673

What is a textual tryout?

A textual tryout is an audition where you read from a script.

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