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Q: Why should football use action replays?
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Why do people use action replays?

People use action replays so they can cheat and get threw a game by barely doing anything.

How do action replays differ from Gamesharks?

action replays differ from gamesharks in that action replays are newer and have less flaws, so your game will not freeze if u use it. I hope this was helpful.

What kind of action replays can you get for Pokemon Emerald and what do they do and how do you use them?

You can get the one that says GBA for Pokemon emerald Action Replays and Just attach it to the top of of the GBA and Action replays ca give you cheats and glitches.

What version of the action replay does heart gold use?

it can use any of the action replays

Can you use action replays on your r4 card?


Can you use two action replays on one game?

Charles Fey

Do you need to beat the game to use an action replay?

if its anything like the the action replays and gamesharks for other consoles, no No.

How do you use the action replay codes in Pokemon black?

Its called playing the game for real! Action Replays are for wimps

How do use cheats for Pokemon platinum not with action replays?

use cheats with a flashcard. there is NO WAY to cheat in-game.

How can you get Celebi without using Action Replay or other Pokemon games?

Use your Imagination. Action Replays are only, like $20

What is better ps2 codebreaker or ar?

action replays. they don't freeze up after you use multiple codes

Do you need action replays for the action replay codes?

You do need an Action Replay DS to use the Action Replay codes, think about it. It's kind of obvioce isn't it, brainiac!