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Because the separation of boys and girls on sports teams could lead people to think that the organizer is a sexist. There are a lot of feminists out there who think that male and female have the same rights! (which is true)

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Q: Why should boys and girls play on the same sports team?
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Should girls play on boys sports teams?

it is not should girls can play but they can play

Why girls should play on boys sports?

girls should play on boys sports teams because the thing that is stopping them is a gender matter.

Why shoulg boys and girls play sports together?

boys and girls should play sports because they can work as a team

Should girls play the same sports as boys?


Should girls be allowed to play with boys in sports?

yes they should

Why girls should not play on boys sports teams?

coz there not as good as boys

Should girls be allowed to play on boys sports teams?


Why should girls not play on boys sports teams?

some boys are more rough and strong than girls

Should girls be allowed to play guy sports?

should girls be allowed to play sports with boys. I think yes but then no because girls are good in sports but boys always have to make a big fuss that girls is not better than boys in sports so i say that boys should look back and realize what they say. On the other hand no because there is some girls they is too girly and bet boys that they can when sports but no they can not and also they can get hurt cause boys are tough too.

Should girls play boys sports?

Of course. sex descrimination is wrong.

Are boys sports superior to girls sports?

No they play equal sports.

What were the differences between sports played by boys and sports played by girls?

Boys play rougher than girls, and boys have a wider range of sports

Why should boys and girls play coed sports?

To learn to deal with each other!

What sports do only girls play besides softball?

All the sports that boys do but with girls.

Should girls and boys be allowed to play on the same sports team?

yes they should and it would be discreamanation

Should girls be aloud on boys' sports teams?

Of course girls should be aloud to play on boys' sports teams. There is no reason why they shouldn't be aloud to. Girls have just as many rights and was boys do. Just because girls may not be big or may be as aggressive as what boys are doesn't mean that girls aren't as good..

Should boys and girls play on the same sports teams?

yes because its much funny

Girls can do anything boys do?

yes girls can do things boys boys can do..... like for example, some boys play football. some girls play football and other sports do.

Should girls be able to play on boys sports teams?

well yes they could but in school or outside of school there should be a girls sports team in all sport category's.

Can girls get hurt when they play on boys sports teams?

Yes. But so can boys.

How many girls play boy sports?

Quite a lot, but there's no such thing of boy sports, people just call them boy sports because more boys play it than girls. all sports are made for girls and boys.

How would girls help boys play in sports?

by cheering

Do the boys play sports in Egypt?

yes they do but not all girls do

How many girls play boy sports with boys?


What percent of girls play a contact sports with boys?