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Q: Why should athletes wear tracksuits after a race?
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What kind of clothing do street dancers wear?

street dancers wear; trainers, hoodies and jeans or tracksuits.

What shall you wear for the race for life?

The race for life is closely associated with pink so maybe wear a pink top and some grey tracksuits. I assume you'll have the sticker on your back saying the number. So i recommend maybe a pink vest top, and grey tracksuit bottoms and trainers. Or Shorts with a normal top and long pink socks? I think you should definitely encorporate pink into your outfit.

What sizes do Juicy tracksuits come in?

Juicy tracksuits made by Juicy Couture come fitted. They make them with relaxed jackets and slim pants for the modern day wear. they come in a variety of different sizes from small to large.

What should you wear to work out?

Something that you're comfortable in like sweat pants and t-shirts or Tracksuits, tennis shoes and stuff like that.sando and short shorts, jogging pants, rubber shoes

Who were the famous athletes in ancient Greek and what did they wear?

athletes would be naked.

I have loads of tracksuits burberry and bling. That makes me emo right?

yeah totally, congratz!! yeah totally, cangratz! actually no, because emos wear skinny jeans that are usually black or grey and they wear tight tops that say a name of a bands sometimes and wrist bands and converse shoes. Emos wouldn't even dare wear burberry, or tracksuits, therefore, you are not an emo.

What clothes do athletes do they wear for long jump?

Athletes should wear footwear suitable for running (sneakers).

What has the author Janine L Roper written?

Janine L. Roper has written: 'The role of textiles in tracksuits for active sports and leisure wear'

What did they ancient athletes wear in the Olympics?


What type of people would wear a compression short?

Some people that wear compression shorts are athletes. Athletes wear these because they are nicer to run or do whatever they are doing with them. Makes it a lot easier on them.

Who are the athletes that wear the 3?

Alot I can not name them all.

Why do athletes wear spikes shoe?

because to get the grip