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You need to shift gears on a bike when going up a hill because if you have a gear too high, it will become harder and you will eventually become tired. On a lower gear will help you because it will be easier.

  • Tip: If you see a hill start peddling really fast to get a head start so it will not be that hard!
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Q: Why shift gears on a bike when going up hill?
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How many gears would a 50 cc dirt bike have?

3 gears you have 1st for hill climbing 2nd for going some what fast and 3rd for going fast like if your going on a straight away use 3rd if you going up a big hill use 1st if your going up a some what steep hill use 2nd or 2nd for going medium speed.

What are the gears on a bike?

Gears are a way of trading power for speed, so that you can keep spinning at a comfortable rate regardless if you are heading up hill, staying on the flat or going downhill under power.

1994 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo will not shift up after going up hill?

try changing gears on the gear changer. nothing else change TPS

If driving a car with a automatic transmission up a steep hill do you change gears?

When driving a car with an automatic transmission up a steep hill it is not necessary to shift gears. The car will do that on its own when necessary.

What do the gears mean on a bike?

Gears are a way of trading power for speed, or the other way around. They let you keep turning the pedals at a comfortable rate/resistance regardless if you are heading up hill, staying on the flat or going downhill under power.

What do gears do in bikes?

Gears are a way of trading power for speed, so that you can keep spinning at a comfortable rate/resistance regardless if you are heading up hill, staying on the flat or going downhill under power.Bikes have gears so you can go on different terrain. one gear is for flat roads, one is for hill climbing, one is for going fast, etc. not all bikes have the same amount or type of gears, so be careful!!The gears on a bike are used for switching the speed!Humans, and engines, works best at a certain rate of turns and a certain resistance. With gears the rider can keep turning the pedals at that rate and resistance regardless of if he's going uphill slowly or downhil fast.

Does Friction always makes objects stop moving?

No, if you are going down hill on your bike then friction makes your bike go, but some time it is going to stop.

What energy transformations occur in a bike going up and down a hill?

My mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In a tractor trailer loaded going up hill do i shift up or down Same if I'm going down hill?

If you are driving a loaded tractor trailer, you would downshift to gain more power when going up hill and downshift to control speed when going down hill.

How do you train for biking?

i learnt how to bike on a hill. My dad held my bike and then let me go. It takes a lot of times to master it but while your going down the hill, you should try pedalling!

What does it mean to have a ten speed bike?

The number corresponds with the number of gears [speeds]. Most child bikes may have three gears. Gears are especially helpful when biking up or down a hill. For most riders ten speeds are more than enough.

How many calories burned in 30 minutes of bicycling?

Going down hill, virtually none, going up hill, alot more depending on the weight of the person, the rise of the hill and the characteristics of the bike.

How many teeth does dolphin have?

Cycling gears are used to give you more leverage on hills. What you want to do is switch to a lower gear when going up a hill, probably gears 1, 2, or 3. Switch to 4,5, or 6 when going down a hill.

How do pop start a dirt bike?

First put the bike in neutral and push it as fast as you can. Next jump on the bike about half way down the hill' right after you jump on, pull in the clutch, shift into 1st or 2nd gear, let off the clutch, and give the bike a little gas.

Rolling down a hill on your bike in what direction was the acceleration?

well it depends on the way your going but it would be north

What direction is the acceleration when you use your brakes when rolling backward down a hill on a bike.?

you would be going north

How does gravity affect the velocity of falling objects?

think about a bike going down a hill your bike goes faster and faster as you go down.your velocity changes rapidly

Can you manually shift an automatic transmission?

To a point. You can shift it into L and it wont try and shift. Then go to 2 and it will shift there and stay. Then go to D and it will go manually. On down shifting the newer ones will not allow you to go back down unless the transmission is below a certain speed. But you can still get some back pressure if you go from D to 2 or 2 to L. It does assist you in stopping if that is needed. Usually this is helpful if you are pulling a load and going up or down a hill. By keeping it in a gear you select the car wont have to work so hard going back and forth between gears. Also not work the brake so hard on the down hill side.

What is the difference between 4.56 gears and 4.88 gears?

A very basic way to look at it is this..... With 4.56 gears, the driveshaft will have to turn 4.56 times in order for your tires to make one full rotation. With 4.88 gears, your driveshaft will have to go around 4.88 times for your tires to make one full rotation. Basically, the higher the number, the more rotations the driveshaft will make. On a 10 speed bike, you would climb a steep hill in 1st gear.... lots of pedaling to get the rear tire to move- it would move slowly, but you would have lots of hill climbing power. 4.88 gears would be similar to 1st gear on a 10 speed bike.... 4.56 gears would be similar to 2nd gear....4.10 gears would be similar to 3rd gear....etc.

How do you shift 13 speed transmission?

See related link at the bottom. It's essentially a nine speed, with the option to split the gears on the high side. It's good to have for those times when you're "stuck between gears" - for example, you're pulling a hill, and the gear you're in is a bit low, but if you shift a full gear up, it'll bog down.

Who was the 2007 down hill mountain bike champion?

Sam Hill

Example of rolling friction?

A bike rolling down a hill. The bike's tires rub against the hill, creating friction, causing the bike to slow down and not keep rolling and rolling

Why would a transmission not shift going on a slight hill on a on ramp?

vacum hoses leaking. Trans filter and fluid ovedue for change

Should you remain in drive when going up a hill or should you shift down a gear?

It depends on how steep the hill is and how heavy your vehicle is. If you find that when going up the hill in second gear you are getting too many RPM's, then yes shift up to third. But generally you should keep in the lowest gear possible, without overrevving the engine, especially if you're driving a loaded van or other heavy car.

Will a bike go faster down a big hill than an small hill?

The acceleration of the bike will depend on the general shape of the hill(ie. it's slope along the line of movement). If you don't take any friction into account, yes, the speed of the bike at the bottom will be greater if it goes from the bigger(ie. higher) hill.

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