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Football (soccer) started as a pro game much sooner and has been marketed world wide

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Q: Why rugby players get paid less than football players even though rugby is more dangerous?
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Who gets paid more football players or rugby players?

Rugby players because they get more recognition

How many players on an Australian rugby league football team?

13 ... there are 13 players in rugby league and 15 players on a rugby union team

What has the author Bob Howitt written?

Bob Howitt has written: 'The converts' 'New Zealand rugby greats' -- subject(s): Rugby football, Biography 'Laurie Mains' -- subject(s): All Blacks (Rugby team), Biography, History, Mains, Laurie,, Rugby football coaches, Rugby football players 'Rugby nomads' -- subject(s): Rugby football players, Rugby football coaches, Rugby Union football 'Graham Henry'

How many players are there in rugby football?


What has the author Jonathan Davies written?

Jonathan Davies has written: 'Jonathan' -- subject(s): Biography, Rugby football, Rugby football players, Rugbyfootball players

Do football players wear rugby boots?


Which professional athletes wear number 31?

basket ball players do and football players and rugby players do

What sport has the most players?

Most likely football,rugby

What are sports performers?

they are people that perform sports like football players, rugby players, tennis players etc.

What happened in rugby in 1863?

The football association was formed and outlawed handling the ball. The players of the time split from the FA and formed the Rugby Football Union

Is rugby safer than football?

The answer is probably not 100% clear. In football the players wear helmets and other protective equipment, but as a result, they tend to hit far harder than they do in Rugby (either Rugby Union or Rugby League). Some evidence from U.S. High School teams suggests a lower injury rate for Rugby, though it could simply be that Rugby is on its best behavior since it is a fringe sport in the USA.

Who gets more injured football or rugby players?

Rugby based on the stats as they are protected by very little armour

Which is more violent football or rugby?

American Football is more violent than rugby because in American football you have 22 players crashing into each other while in rugby, except in a scrum, you only have people going after one player.

Which sports have 15 players on a team?

Answer. Rugby Union, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Ladies Football, Camogie

Which sports have more than eleven players on each team?

Both Rugby League and Rugby Union, gaelic football, croquet, hurling, ladies football, camogie

What has the author Mick Cleary written?

Mick Cleary has written: 'The Carling Years' -- subject(s): Rugby Union football, Rugby football players

How players lined up in football during start if a play?

That depends on which form of football is being played. American football 11 players per team = 22 Association football 11 players per team = 22 Canadian football 12 players per team = 24 Rugby league football 13 players per team = 26 Rugby union football 15 players per team = 30 Gaelic football 15 players per team = 30 Australian Rules football 18 players team = 36

What is the difference between rugby and football?

Rugby is a football code, so there is no difference. However, it is different from other football codes:Association football: the hands cannot be used, and goals are used instead of scoring zones.American football: the ball can be passed forward, and rules regarding the post-tackle situation are different.Gaelic football: several alterations in the goal, and methods of scoring and playing.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In Rugby game each team has 15 players, but American football has 11 players. additional point, in American football players always use pads protect themselves but Rugby players don't use this!

Would the players of rugby soccer and American football get injuries?

Yes, they would all be sports where players do get injuries.

What team sport requires the most players?

Rugby, Football, cricket and Hockey.

What has the author Stu Wilson written?

Stu Wilson has written: 'Ebony & ivory' -- subject(s): Biography, Rugby football, Rugby football players

How many players are a side in football?

Association football, soccer, there are 11 players a side. Rugby football; rugby union has 15 a side, rugby league has 13. Australian football, Aussie Rules, has 18 a side. Gaelic football has 15 a side. American football has 11 a side. Canadian football has 12 a side. Winchester football has either 6, 10, or 15 a side.

What has the author Jean-Pierre Rives written?

Jean-Pierre Rives has written: 'Le rugby vu par Jean-Pierre Rives' -- subject(s): Interviews, Rugby football players, Rugby football

What has the author Garry Schofield written?

Garry Schofield has written: 'Tries the limit' -- subject(s): Biography, Rugby League football, Rugby League football players

Is football more dangerous then rugby?

Its not for sure which is which. Though Rugby has less protection they only have limited impact on eachother and the basis for all their tackles are only for the person with the ball, in American football the impact from a tackle can easily kill a rugby player, In rugby you might leave with bumps or bruise. As a Rugby Player i can see the hits that are coming at me n prepare myself, But when I moved to America and started playing Football at first it was chaos, I broke my leg, ankle, and wrist which put my career at a hault for 1 year and i barely made it back on the field even after therapy. In rugby I was use to a minor concussion or a typical cracked bone. The padding gives American player the right to hit you as hard, and as deadly as they want. And with the helmets i was blindsided and clipped many times. Rugby as well is just as dangerous but atleast you leave the field nowing your career is safe and you can live another day, In america on the average just for High Schools Students 10% of their football players are paralyzed. And 5% ended up dead these are not professionasl these are teens 15, 16 and 17 years of age and they are killing eachother for sport. Rugby is never that dangerous unless people aren't playing by the rules. And even then you can still be sure to atleast live. Even when playing by the rules you end up dying so Yes American Football is much more dangerous than Rugby.