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To fly through the air. They also uses their strong flight muscles to flap their wings which able them to fly higher to spot their preys.

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Q: Why raptors have strong flight muscle?
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Why do raptors have strong flight muscles?

hen they can kill animals

Where to find facts about hawks?

Hawks In Flight: The Flight Identification of North American Raptors is an excellent book on the topic.

Why does a raptor have strong hollow bones?

Raptors have strong bones for protection and their bones are hollow so that they are able to run fast

Do imprint raptors return to their masters after flight?

Sorry. There is no such thing as an imprint raptor. They are imaginary.

Why raptors have sharp strong bill?

there CARNIVORES they need it to tear into the flesh of their prey

Which birds have strong wings?

Mostly the raptors, hawks, eagles, vultures and I think the owls.

Function of mitochondria in flight muscle cell?

Mitochondria are also found abundantly in the flight muscle cells of insects and birds to generate energy for its movement and flight.

Why do raptors have sharp strong bills?

They need it on order to be able to tear their prey animals into chunks small enough to swallow.

Strong breathing muscle?

It is the diaphragm.

Is baclofen a strong muscle relaxer?

No it is not.

What is a function of flight muscle cells in insects and birds?

Contract and relax to enable movements and flight.

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