Why powerlifting in Olympics?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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To provide variety with respect to strength sports, open more opportunities for athletes to showcase their hard work, and give deserving individuals an opportunity to represent their countries.

Some people argue that there is already a strength sport (Weightlifting). However its important to note that, for example, there are various events for swimming and running, emphasizing slightly different qualities, different levels of power vs endurance etc. Javelin throwing and shot putting are also similar events.

Including power lifting would round out the strength sports.

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Q: Why powerlifting in Olympics?
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Why powerlifting not in Olympics?

Because Olympic Lifting (i.e. Snatch and C+J) are considered the lifting events of the Olympics. This can be considered unfair because swimming events in the Olympics can give out to 102 medals (34 of which are gold). Why not have more medals given for for lifting events? Especially that Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting are very different. A problem with Powerlifting being put into the Olympics would be the rules of competeing. Would gear be allowed? What kind of gear? How will each lift be judged? There are many Powerlifting federations all with their own unique set of guidelines. It would be hard to come up with guidelines that would make everyone happy. Also, Powerlifting is an event in the Paralympics.

When was Powerlifting USA created?

Powerlifting USA was created in 1977.

What is pelvic powerlifting?

A sexual form of powerlifting - Just a parody of trojan sports

Who invented the Westside method in powerlifting?

The Westside Barbell method in powerlifting was first introduced by Louie Simmons. The method incorporates a number of other methods from powerlifting.

What is push-pull in powerlifting?

A powerlifting event that includes only the bench press and deadlift.

Can an eighth grader do powerlifting?

No of course not :)

Where can you get trained to do powerlifting?

search online for a powerlifting gym near you and try to e-mail someone and see if they will let you train with them and give you tips.

What country was powerlifting first played in?

Powerlifting was actually first played in two countries, which are the US and the UK. It originated in the 1950s during the Olympic weightlifting sport.

Where will the Asian powerlifting championship 2009 -10 be held?


Who wrote The Purposeful Primitive?

The Purposeful Primitive was written by powerlifting and bodybuilding author Marty Gallagher, focusing on strength training, powerlifting, and mental toughness.

Is weight lifting a national game?

Powerlifting, is what it is called, And yes it is a sport.

What colleges have major powerlifting teams?

The women's top 3 colleges with major powerlifting teams include University of Texas-San Antonio, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and University of Houston-Downtown. The top 3 men's colleges with major powerlifting teams include University of Texas-San Antonio, Louisiana Tech University, and Texas A&M University