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Because they can't cause any trouble while they're playing the sport.

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Can sport center keep kids out of trouble?

Yes because they will be occupied with something that will keep them out of trouble

Why should kids should have pets?

It teaches them responsibility and keeps them out of trouble.

Why do kids get into trouble for playing football at school?

probably the tackling

What sports would parents worry about their kids playing?

Russian Roulette I guess. Don't worry about your kids playing a sport. They're tough, and if they aren't, well that's Darwinism.

What is the most common sport kids like to play?

Well, i mostly see kids playing basketball, baseball, soccer and volleyball..

Do sports help kids to stop playing video games all day?

not if its a sport game ;)

How will kids do better in school by playing sports?

Kids will have a one way output of emotions on whatever sport they play. It will show them a positive way to control their emotions in school. They will not get in trouble as much as they normal would. It will also help them in school because they need good grades to play their sport of choice. Also it builds confidants in themselves,and shows the meaning of teamwork or working in groups to accomplish goals.

Pros and cons of playing basketball?

There are generally no cons to playing basketball. Unless you are not physically fit and don't like contact or to run, basketball is a fun sport. Most kids tend to point to basketball as their first sport.

What percentage of kids play sport in Australia?

61% of kids in Australia play sport

How an peer pressure get kids into trouble?

kids get other kids to start doing things that are against the rules which cause them to get in trouble.

What are 10 reasons why sports are good for us?

1. Keeps kids active 2. Keeps you out of trouble 3. Helps you stay in good condition 4. Builds teamwork skills 5. Thats all I got!!

Can I be sued if kids are playing in your yard without permission?

if family friend no but people you don't even know then maybe or they get in trouble

Why do kids play sport?

There are several reasons why. They may enjoy playing the sport. They may need to have exercise, their parents make them play. They may wish to be noticed by someone they like or a parent.

Why do kids love toys so much?

I believe that kids love toys so much is because it keeps them busy. And they have a very wild imagination and that can go along with playing with the toys.

Does sport help athletes with their education?

Of course!! In high school, some coaches select athletes to give scholarships to! Being on a sports team motivates athletes to keep their grades up and gives them a positive place to release energy. Having a place to be after school keeps kids out of trouble and more focused on school

Is tag a sport and why?

tag is not a sport it is a game that is fun for kids

If kids do a sport are less likely to do drugs?

yes, they have less free time to try drugs and they know that if they do drugs, it will effect their playing skills.

Do kids play hammer the sport?

No they don't play hammer the sport.

Should kids under 15 have a curfew?

Yes kids should have curfew so they don't get into trouble. Yes kids should have curfew so they don't get into trouble.

What keeps children from attending schools in Kenya?

the thing that keeps them is that arouund there kids get killed

Does being a 2 sport athlete in hs really count on your college resume to a big public univ?

Alot of colleges look down on kids in high school playing more than one sport

How many New Zealand kids play sport?

it is 5000 kids

How did figure skating become famous?

I may be wrong but I think some kids were just playing around and started dancing on ice! then kids had competitions and soon it had judges and crowds and then became and Olympic sport!

Which sports can defeat football?

In the world the of sport soccer defeats American Football by Millions. Soccer has more fans and kids playing. Even in the United States more kids play soccer as a youth.

Why do kids laugh after they get in trouble?

We laugh when anyone gets in trouble. I don't know WHY we do. We just find it humorous that when we get in trouble or someone we know get in trouble.