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we like it because we get all our anger out without getting in trouble

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Q: Why people love to wrestle?
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How many people the world wrestle?

15,036,234 people wrestle

How many people wrestle for the world wrestle entertainment?

55 some

How come Ric Flair son David does not wrestle?

sometimes people want to do something else but not wrestle

What are the games of raccoons?

Young raccoons love to wrestle and play a form of tag.

When do Ibo people wrestle?

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Does he still wrestle?

Does who still wrestle?

What is the future tense of wrestle?

Will wrestle.

Does batista still wrestle?

He did wrestle but he retired

How can you use wrestle in a sentence?

I like to wrestle

Why do men wrestle?

Its a competition. Women wrestle too.

Does Snooki from Jersey Shore wrestle?

no Snooki does not wrestle

How many people in the world wrestle?

well i don't know but alot of things do!

Why do people wrestle?

AnswerPeople like to wrestle because it builds self esteem and sportsmanship. Also you can get fit and be strong after wrestling.It helps build mental toughness. It helps you persevere.

How do you get your friends to arm wrestle?

Just ask them to arm wrestle.

When will Candice wrestle?

she will wrestle when she is fully recovered from her broken neck.

Do boys and girls both wrestle?

Yes everybody can wrestle

When was Rock'n Wrestle created?

Rock'n Wrestle was created in 1985.

When did Wrestle Kingdom happen?

Wrestle Kingdom happened in 360.

Did Jennifer Lopez arm wrestle?

no she didnt arm wrestle.

Will WWE a-train still wrestle?

A-train doesnt wrestle anymore

How do you say wrestle in Hebrew?

to wrestle = התגושש (hitgoshesh)

Did Abraham Lincoln ever wrestle?

Yes, he did wrestle when he was a grown man.

When is wrestle mania 26?

Wrestle mania 2 April 2011

Hi people said if two guys wrestle for fun they are gay. Is that true?

no yes

Where is Gregory helms?

Gregory Helms does not interview people for ecw he has started to wrestle again and so does hurricane people think they are differant people

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