Why otzi was not a Shepard?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: Why otzi was not a Shepard?
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What Otzi eye color?

Otzi had Brown Eyes

What was otzi job?

Otzi' s job was a Coppersmith.

What was otzi's job?

Otzi' s job was a Coppersmith.

Is the Iceman named Otzi?

Yes, that is true, but THEY named him Otzi.

How much did otzi weigh?

Otzi weighed about 110 pounds.

Was Otzi a Time - travler?

To put it simply, No Otzi was not a Time - traveler.

What Was the lifestyle of Otzi the iceman?

he live by eating vitimens

How did Otzi his name?

The Scientist call him Otzi than calling him an ice mummy.

What country owns otzi the iceman?

Italy currently has possession over otzi

Where did they find otzi?

The man was called "Otzi" after the Otztal Alps, the mountains where he was found.

What day did they find otzi?

Otzi the Icemummy was found on September 19, 1991. Otzi lived about 5,300 years. On September 19, 2011 he will be 5,301 years old.

Did otzi the iceman have a family?