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Q: Why newly planted seedlings first wilt before?
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Newly planted lemon tree has droped its fruit?

It is common for a newly planted lemon tree to drop its fruit; it will take a few years for its root-system to be developed.

How often do you water a newly planted yoshida cherry tree in zone 7?

every 3 days for the first month

Should a newly planted tree have the lower branches cut to encourage faster growth?

Should a newly planted tree have the lower branches cut to encourage faster growth?

Can you spray milk on newly planted cucumber plants?

Yes .

How do you take care of your newly planted laurels?

For the first year make sure they have sufficient water and the plants cannot rock in the wind.

What should you do if you suspect waterlogged roots in a newly planted butterfly bush?

Move it.

How do you take care of a newly planted crimsom king maple tree?

Stake it to avoid rootball movement and keep it well watered during the first year.

Do rabbits eat a beech hedge?

Yes they will eat the lower new leaves and ones higher up too if they can get at them. They will also have a chew at the bark and if left to their own devices will ruin a newly planted hedge. Hares will decimate a newly planted hedge. They chop off the stems and strip the bark. If either beasts are attracted to a newly planted hedge fence it with chicken wire--both sides.

In the book of Leviticus the fruit of a newly planted tree must not be eaten until which year?


Why are the leaves on your newly planted American Linden turning yellow?

it's because you are watering it to much

What type of mulch should be used around a newly planted Colorado Blue Spruce?

Any organic material will do just make sure the ground is well watered before you put the mulch on.

Will your newly planted fig sapling be ok if accidentally mowed over?

depends on how much damage it took