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For many reasons. They include for safety. Also so you don't get an advantage.

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Q: Why must you wear proper attire when swimming?
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Explain why must one wear proper swimming attire?

No reason other than social pressure. It is perfectly safe to swim nude.

Why need to wear swimming attire to swim in swimming pool?

For swimming you don't need to wear anything, for modesty you do.

Why should we wear attire when going swimming?

In most places, it is not legal to swim without swimming attire. However, there are nudist beaches in some places in the U.S. and in the world for those who wish to swim without attire.

What is the proper business attire for doing business in china?

Normal business attire. They wear suits, just like Europeans or Americans.

What do you wear at the western wall?

Proper religious attire or other appropriate clothes.

What is the proper attire when conducting an experiment with your eyes?

Wear goggles. If you wear eyeglasses,put a pair of bigger goggles over it.

What kind of attire should you wear when swimming?

Open water-wetsuit Everything else-just swim suit.

What is proper business attire for women?

Proper ladies attire within the business atmosphere can depend on a number of factors - most importantly is your company dress code. Typically women will wear sensible shoes, a nice skirt or slacks and a blouse. Do not forget to wear a bra.

Can a sentence start with an open parenthesis?

Shorts, revealing and immodest attire are never appropriate in God's house. (We shouldn't wear immodest clothing anywhere!) Attire that is meant for the gym or swimming pool is best worn at the gym and swimming pool, not at church.

What is something that you wear that start with letter A?

attire attire

Men's swimming attire?

Men's swimming attire includes swimming trunks that are in the style of boxer shorts, jammers, swim briefs, and for the daring, speedo's. Men's swim competition wear is made of ultra-thin micro-nylon fiber that dries twice as fast as conventional nylon.

Does Superman wear a cap?

Not as part of his normal attire but there must be times when he was drawn wearing a cap.

What clothes do anesthesiologists wear?

in the OR or while giving anesthesia they must wear scrubs but in their clinics and outside of OR they wear lab coats with formal business attire underneath.

What is the difference between elegant attire and formal attire?

Elegant attire and formal attire are similar in wear, with only minor differences. Elegant attire is usually worn at balls or requested events. Individuals invited to an event by the Queen of England would wear elegant attire. Formal attire is usually worn to a wedding.

How come some nuns wear shorter skirts and some wear longer skirts?

Every religious order has its own dress code and dictates what is proper attire for its members.

What is Proper attire for attending a Boston pops concert?

Patrons attending a concert or orchestra generally wear business or business casual attire. At times, audiences may dress formally only for special gala events. Above all, you should wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Can you wear converse to golf?

You can wear what you are comfortable in at most public golf courses unless they post restrictions to attire. Private golf clubs will most likely require proper attire, including shoes. Having said that, converse may not be a good choice depending on the condition of the green.

What do men wear when swimming?

Men wear swimming trunks/ shorts when swimming.

What attire do you wear on the waltz?

The women wear Ballroom gowns

What is a gala attire?

FormL wear

What do you wear to a sweet 16 dance party with clubbing attire or what is clubbing attire?

I would personaly wear a short sparkly dress with high heels.

What should you wear when you visit a college?

Are you just taking a visit? Or, are you interviewing for academic aid? If it is to look around campus to see if you are a "good fit," the clothes you wear to school should be fine. Thing of it is , there is no "proper attire" on a campus. However, if you are interviewing, groom and "dress for success." Google this phrase for interviewing attire.

What clothes should be worn by a business professional?

A business professional can wear either one of two styles of attire. They can wear either business attire or business casual attire. It really depends on the atmosphere of a specific business.

What do swimmers wear when they go swimming?

they usually wear swimming trunks, a swimming cap and a pair of goggles.

How do you use the word attire in a sentence?

Example sentence - Many Amish people may be identified by the attire they wear.