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most people like to pplay and watch Basketball because its a very exciting sport.....i myself oplay basketball and watch........i hope i answered ur question

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โˆ™ 2008-10-20 14:45:27
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Q: Why most of the people likes to play and watch basketball?
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What is barack obama's favorite sport to watch?

I would guess that he likes most to watch basketball. He played it in high school and still plays .

What source most likely contains bad evidence for a claim about why basketball is an interesting sport to watch?

A newspaper article about why few people watch basketball

What is the most famous sport?

In the United States, most people watch Football. And Basketball is the second most popular sport. Then it is Baseball.

Do more people watch basketball than any other sport in the world?

Porn is the most watched

Do more people watch basketball or soccer?

It is likely not even close. Soccer is the most played and loved sport on the planet.

How did basketball get popular?

Basketball is fun to play and watch for millions of people, sooo it got popular. Basketball is considered the second most played sport in the US, football being the first. It has alot of plays and rules.

What is most watched in the USA baseball or basketball?

the sport that is most watch in the usa is baseball

What is basketball is the most exciting game to watch?

the nba finals Game 7

Who likes to kiss?

most people :)

What does Michael Jordan like most about basketball?

The best thing Michel Jordan likes about basketball is netting the ball as many times as possible into the net.

Will a guy who likes you know another guy likes you too?

Yes, because if he likes you he will most likely watch you a lot, and he will notice another guy doing the same

Who is the most important man associated with basketball?

It depends. The man whose name is most associated with basketball around the world is perhaps Michael Jordan. The man, for whom most people watch basketball shows numerically is probably Yao Ming. The best coach in the NBA world is maybe Phil Jackson. The most innovative player in the NBA was probably Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

What do Jordan people like most in sports?

Duke basketball

Why do most people like Love and Basketball?

Because it is a great movie about common interests - love and basketball.

Who watch's eastender's?

Most people in the UK

Which film had the most people watch it?


Does Justin Bieber likes to?

Yes, like most people, Justin Bieber likes to dance.

What is the sport most people watch on thanksgiving?

football. the teams that people like to watch are the Lions and Packers

Which mindless behaviour boy likes to play video games and watch television the most?

i think RAYRAY

The most famous basketball player in the world?

The most famous basketball player in the world is Yao Ming, because there are about a Trillion people in China that love him.

How many people play basketball in America?

15.5 million people play basketball in America. Most of these play pick up games and a few play semi pro or professional basketball.

Does Justin Bieber likes to dance?

Yes, like most people, Justin Bieber likes to dance.

Does Angel Rodriuez like you?

Angel Rodriguez is best known for being a college basketball player. It is assumed that he likes most of his fans.

What was Bruno Mars favorite sport as a kid?

bruno mars favorite sport he likes playing most is basketball,football and soccer

Is basketball a fun sport?

basketball is a great, fun, and exciting game to play, and watch. its one of the most populartiest game in the world. ive played since i was 6. Its great :)