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Because - the skin of the Basketball 'locks' the air inside so it can't dissipate. The more air you pump into it - the higher the pressure gets.... until it bursts.

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If you force more stuff(=air)into an enclosed space, whatever that's in there becomes more closely packed. The more closely packed it becomes the higher the pressure gets.

The pressure in a bicycle tire goes up as you pump air into it because the air is confined to a fixed volume. Therefore, as more air enters the air density increases, and at fixed temperatures, this will result in an increase in air pressure in the tire.

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Because air molecules have much empty space between them, they can be forced closer together (i.e. compressed). When they are forced into a container (e.g. into a tire or ball), they exert pressure against the inner lining of the tire/ball.

Over time, both the tire and the ball will lose some of the pressure because air molecules will seep through the tire/ball materials.

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because both bicycle tire and Basketball are made of rubber which is known for its high elasticity, or the ability to be expanded and be back to its original phase.

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Because - the skin of the basketball 'locks' the air inside so it can't dissipate. The more air you pump into it - the higher the pressure gets.... until it bursts.

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Q: Why more air can be pumped or pushed into bicycle tire or basketball?
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