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Q: Why might Dawson agree to sign this contract?
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What is the implication of Please sign here on a contract with a company?

A company will supply a service if you sign a contract with them. If you do not agree then do not sign. If you do sign, you are required to fulfill the terms of the contract.

Can an individual enter into a contract without being aware of it and be bound by its terms?

If they didn't sign the contract or agree to it, then obviously no. But if they did sign or agree to it, without reading the fine print, then yes.

How do you put contract into a sentence?

When you buy a house on credit, you sign a contract that you agree to repay the mortgage in a timely manner, or be taken to court.

How much interest can a seller charge on land contract?

A seller can charge whatever interest they wish on a land contract. The buyer doesn't have to sign a contract if they don't agree with the terms.

Do you need a cosigner to get a tracfone cellphone if you are under the age of 18?

You cannot sign a contract if you are under eighteen years of age. Someone would have to co-sign the contract and agree to be responsible if you don't pay.

What can you do to protect yourself if you do not agree with a contract you are signing?

Simple ... don't sign it. Having it reviewed by your lawyer may be a good idea. Nobody should ever sign any agreement or contract if you don't agree 100% with every detail contained in the document. That is your best (and only) real protection.

Can i dog breeder make you fix your dog and if you dont can she in turn charge you a 1000.00 later?

Nope. Depends on the contract you sign: if it's in there and you don't do what you agree to you can be sued for breach of contract.

Can a signed real estate contract be voided?

Possibly .. if the contract has such a clause as part of the document. Most likely it would take both parties to agree and sign before such could be invalidated.

Is manutd going to sign carlos tevez on permanent contract?

No, they could not agree a permanent deal so he went to Manchester City instead.

Can a minor legally purchase an ATV without parental consent?

No, an individual under the age of 18 is not able to sign a contract or agree to purchase.

If you signied a contract can they change your hours?

You will have to read the contents of your contract. Also, if the contract if a 12-month contract, read carefully before you sign every year as things might change from year to year.

The Importance of Reading the Small Print of an Ipad Contract ?

Before you begin to sign any Ipad contract, you need to know exactly what you are signing happens to be. Don't just throw your signature onto any document handed to you. Read things and make sure that you agree to them before you sign your name on them and make the contract official.