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There is a Basketball team: The Pittsburgh Panthers!

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Q: Why isn't there a Pittsburgh basketball team?
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What is the Pittsburgh university basketball team?

Pittsburgh Panthers

What is Pittsburgh's basketball teams name?

There is no Pittsburgh NBA team.

Where is the Pittsburgh panthers basketball team located?

University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh, Pensylvania. Go Panthers!

When were the Pittsburgh Panthers Basketball team founded?

in juky

Did Pittsburgh ever have a professional basketball team?

The Pittsburgh Rens and the Pitsburgh Pipers of the ABA

What was the name of the Pittsburgh NBA team?

The Pittsburgh Ironmen played in the Basketball Association of America (BAA) in the 1946-47 season. Since the BAA merged with the National Basketball League in 1949 to create the NBA, there has not been an NBA team in Pittsburgh.

What were the team colors of the Pittsburgh PA professional basketball team the Rens?

purple trimmed in gold

Why doesn't Pittsburgh have a basketball team?

We did have one, they were horrible. Nobody has wanted one ever since. Pittsburgh is a Football and Hockey town.

What team currently leads division 1 men's basketball in rebounds per game?


Did the Pittsburgh Rens basketball team ever win a championship?

No. The Rens played two years in Pittsburgh in the American Basketball League, losing in the preliminary round of the playoffs in 1962 and not making the playoffs in 1963. However, the Pittsburgh Pipers won the ABA championship in 1968 led by Connie Hawkins (who was also a member of the 62 Rens team before they folded).

What is pennsylvaina's sports team?

Pennsylvania's sports teams include the Pittsburgh Penguins for hockey, Philadelphia 76ers for basketball, the Pittsburgh Steelers for football as well as the Philadelphia Eagles for football.

Which ranked team was the West Virginia Mens Basketball team faced and beaten the most?

From the info I was able to gather, it looks like a tie between Temple and PIttsburgh

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