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i only learned rythmic gymnastics from my cousin im so flexible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love her for doing it so i could do it! it rocks! i love it and dancing but its still rocks!

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โˆ™ 2009-02-06 21:49:18
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Q: Why isn't rhythmic gymnastics well known?
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Why do people call gymnastics rhythmic gymnastics?

There are two main kinds of gymnastics. One is artistic gymnastics, which is far better known than rhythmic, and is the type of gymnastics that athletes such as Nadia Comaneci, Mary Lou Retton, and Nastia Liukin have participated in. The second is rhythmic gymnastics, and: They call it rhythmic gymnastics because the routines are done to a rhythm of classical, jazz, blues, or rock music. There is also trampoline, but it is even less well known than rhythmic...

What are the kinds of gymnastic?

Artistic and rhythmic gymnastics are the most well known. Artistic gymnastics is what it's shown on television and is most popular. Both men and women do artistic gymnastics. Rhythmic gymnastics is done by women and have events such as the ribbon and clubs. There's also sports acrobatics which involves tumbling and doing stunts with other gymnastics. Trampoline and tumbling are two other, less popular forms of gymnastics.

Is it possible for me to do rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 12 i do ballet and am pretty flexible?

Yes. Rhythmic is all about grace, precision, and flexibility. If you work hard, you could do well.

Basic positions in rhytmic gymnastics?

There are a number of apparatuses used in rhythmic gymnastics. Some of these positions include the ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs, as well as rope.

What is the difference between gymrama and gymnastic?

Gymrama is basically rhythmic gymnastics using apparatus such as rope, hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon. It is normally performed by females although men RG is coming up as well. Gymnastics is a general word for Gymnastics For All, Artistic, Rhythmic, Aerobics, Trampoline and Acrobatic.

Were will you find drumming in Africa?

Mozambique is well known for producing interesting rhythmic patterns.

How did Sofia Boutella become famous?

Sofia Boutella is well known for her hip hop and street dancing. She started with classical dance as well as rhythmic gymnastics leading to her famous advertising campaign for Nike. This was a major advance in her career which led her to work with Madonna and Rihanna.

Is gymnastics a well known sport?

yes. i think so. I've never actually met anyone who has never heard of gymnastics.

Gymnastics or music?

gymnastics (well of course for me)

What are some of the most well known competitions of gymnastics?

some are the floor exercise, the olympics, etc

What do they do in French gymnastics?

well thay do gymnastics but speek french

How do you you play gymnastics?

you well play gymnastics jajaja stupid

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