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So they dont get the bends and the co2 levels in the body have time to equalize.

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Q: Why isn't it a good idea for divers travelling by air straight after a deep dive?
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Why do deep-sea divers take oxygen with them on a dive?

Divers need air and can't get it from the water so they take it with them.

Why do scuba divers not get crushed by the weight of water when they are diving?

They do not dive deep enough.

How deep is the average dive depth?

Recreational divers usually don't go any deeper than 60ft. The recreational dive limit is 130ft.

Who gets decompression sickness?

Scuba divers who surface too quickly after a deep dive are prone to decompression sickness.

How much money do deep sea divers earn?

Deep Sea divers that are diving on air to -50m make between 250 - 750 dollars per day. Where as Saturation divers who live in pressurized chamber and dive to -200m can make between 900 - 1,800 dollars a day.

What do scuba divers do?


Is used to divers the earth?

Divers dive in the sea/water, not earth.

What do divers dive on?

Diving boards

What do divers jump of when they dive?

the board

Where can one purchase dive knives?

Dive knives can be purchased from a number of websites. Examples include Knife Depot, Scuba, Leisure Pro, Divers Supply, Divers Direct and Divers Warehouse.

How deep can a human dive under water?

Scuba divers can work at 109m if they are very cautious rising to the surface.

What are skin divers?

Skin divers are people who dive into the ocean without using special equipment, unlike Scuba divers.

How deep can penguins dive?

They can dive up to 500 feet deep.

Why don't scuba divers dive in the water?

I'm pretty sure that is the only place they can dive.

What force do divers use to dive into the water?


How do scuba divers rise to the surface after they dive?


How deep can adelie penguins dive?

They can dive up to 500 feet deep.

When was Dive Deep created?

Dive Deep was created on 2008-01-28.

Do dolphins dive?

Yes, dolphins dive. What is not known is how deep they can dive although many don't dive more than 150 feet deep.

What type of diving course do you need to dive as deep as 1 mile?

There are not any courses that would train you to dive this deep. Recreational divers are trained at depths up to 130 feet, over 5,000 feet short of your 1 mile mark. Tech divers are trained to dive deeper, however, the pressure of the water at the depth that you asked about would most likely cause severe bodily harm. In diving u shuld be comservative. If i can do or see what i can do or see at 15 metres, why go to 30?

How deep can a Blue Whale dive?

The blue whale can dive for 10-20 minutes and dive for 500 metres deep.

How long can you scuba dive for?

In terms of time, as long as you want if you plan accordingly for the time. Divers using rebreathers are diving for more than 12 hours straight.

When divers dive what gas accumulates in their blood and tissues?


A person who dives?

People who dive are usually just referred to as divers. You can break them up into roughly four categories:Skin divers - who hold their breath, and do not use scuba equipment. Also sometimes called free divers.Sport divers - who dive for fun (they used to be called 'recreational divers', but now this term is used to distinguish sport divers from 'technical divers' who also dive for fun, but dive outside of WRSTC 'recreational' limits).Commercial divers - who dive for their jobs. By convention, this excludes recreational diving instructors, to differentiate from commercial divers who use equipment underwater, engage in saturation diving and use of elaborate gas mixes.Military divers - who form a sub-set of the navy.Not all divers fit neatly into these categories (police divers, rescue divers, fisherman who dive for their catch), but those tend to be the broad categories used.

How deep can an Adelie Penguin dive?

An Adelie Penguin can dive as deep as 575 feet.

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