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A red shirt player is a player that cant that season and then he gets a another year like if your a rookie ur coach might red shirt you for the next season

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Q: Why is your shirt red?
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My car is red or my shirt is blue My car is not red Therefore my shirt is not blue?

If the car isn't red then the shirt IS blue.

Which colors are reflected by a red shirt?

A red shirt does not reflect color.

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1/6. There are 6 possible combinations of 2 you could pull out of the washer (red&black, red&white, red&gray, black&white, black&gray, white&gray), and red and black is one of them.

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Like a red T-Shirt.

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Why is a red shirt black when it is dark?

A shirt appears red because it reflects red wavelengths from light which falls on it. If it is dark then there is no incident light and so red light for the shirt to reflect to your eyes.

Can a NCAA football red shirt play in a game the same season that he is red shirted and still be red shirt?


What colour is the Ipswich town shirt?

Home: Blue Shirt White Shorts Blue Socks Away: Red Shirt Red Shorts Red Socks

What colors are reflected and absorbed if a white light shines on a red shirt?

Blue and green are absorbed by the shirt, and red is reflected.

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Red Shirt

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You were a red shirt with black pants. They look the best

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There is no shirt that's red with a cross on it but that would be cool.

What was the gray and red shirt Tom Cruise wore in Risky Business?

A grey and red shirt.

What Color Shirt Does Pooh Wear?

He wears a red shirt

What color are the uniforms at Skyline High School in Dallas Texas?

Shirt: red white or columbian blue collar shirt Pants or shirt: black or kacky

What colour pant does a red burgundy shirt match?

A red burgundy shirt would match pants that are white, black, gray, or even tan in coloring. You could also wear a burgundy or red shirt with some variations of brown depending on the actual tone of the shirt.

Can you still have red shirt status if you play in a bowl game?

can you still have red shirt status if you play in a bowl game?

Did burt Reynolds where a back brace in smokey and the bandit?

Yes, shows quite obviously in his red shirt

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No, has ony red shirt.

What color shirt goes with grey shorts?

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Does the red shirt absorbs red light?

no, it reflects red light

Why red shirt players on NCAA 08?

There is not really any reason to red shirt a player in NCAA 08. Players choose to red shirt in real life primarily due to injury or a transfer, but it would not serve a purpose to do it in a game.

Does a red and white t-shirt go into the white or color pile for laundry?

Color, unless you want a red and pink shirt.