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This question is not specific enough to focus on one type of Wrestling nor one particular pro-wrestling organization. Also, saying that wrestling is getting "worse" is a matter of opinion, and personal observation rather than an established fact. If this question pertains to pro-wrestling, and there is a degree of perceived decline, then speculation as to the cause could be discussed here.

Since pro-wrestling is, and always has been, primarily a form of entertainment, it is a business enterprise, and it's success is largely due to fan interest and support. Causes of decline might include poor business management, marketing, a lack of talented wrestlers, and the lack of revenue to pay better wrestlers/performers. Another consideration is for the modern interest in other combative sports such as Martial Art tournaments, mixed martial art, and cage-fighting. The realism, and raw fighting talent in these other genre might draw attention away from the more theatrical performances of pro-wrestling which seems to have shifted more toward the drama, and less of actual wrestling.

(Note: Wrestling is often a hot-button topic, and draws criticism for many reasons. If contributors here would like to add legitimate reasons why they feel wrestling is getting "worse," then please stay on topic, and present facts. For debate about wrestling itself, please use the discussion page below)

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Q: Why is wrestling getting worse and worse?
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