Why is volleyball interesting?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Volleyball is a great sport because first of all, you can burn down fat and exercise while you're at it. It also stretches your muscles so you can get stronger. That doesn't mean it's a hard sport. You just have to learn how to play and have fun most of all.

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Because its a fun form of exercisize and entertainment all rolled into one !

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Because volleyball Is exercise and exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make people happy and happy people don't shoot their husbands. They just don't.

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Q: Why is volleyball interesting?
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a lot of cool thinqqs

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Volleyball at the Olympics?

Yes, there is volleyball at the Olympics but it is only beach volleyball.

How many men's division 1 teams are there?

Volleyball is a college sport played by both men and women. There are interesting distinctions: women play in the fall and men play in the spring. Not only this, the NCAA sponsors many more women's volleyball programs than men's. There are 311 Division I Women's volleyball programs compared to 22 Division I Men's programs.

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It is one of the only sports where girls are the only ones who can play on school teams, its is also one of the few where the ball CAN NOT touch the floor.

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