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There is only one NHL hockey team in North Carolina. There are ECHL and other leagues that have hockey teams in North Carolina.

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Q: Why is there one Carolina team in hockey?
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What is the name of South Carolina's hockey team?

The Columbia Inferno and the Carolina Stingrays of the East Coast Hockey League.

Does Raleigh NC have any professional sports teams?

Yes Raleigh, North Carolina does have a professional sports team. the Carolina Hurricanes are a professional sports hockey team, in the National Hockey League.

Is there a sports team called the stingrays?

South Carolina Stingrays, ECHL hockey team since 1994

Where can one find a Fantasy Hockey team?

One can find a fantasy Hockey team on sports websites or the major TV networks that cover hockey. ESPN offer fantasy hockey where you can choose a team and compete against others.

What are the colors of Carolina Hurricanes hockey team?

The Hurricanes colors are red,black,silver, and white.

When was Central Carolina Hockey created?

Central Carolina Hockey was created in 2001.

Where can one purchase NHL hockey jerseys?

One can purchase NHL hockey jerseys from various locations. For example, the official website of the National Hockey League sells all the authentic team jerseys. Or alternatively, one could purchase a team jersey directly from the team's website or shop itself.

Canada hockey team what does it mean?

Canada hockey team means it is a Canadian hockey team.

Which is grammatically correct our school doesn't have a girls hockey team OR our school doesn't have a girls' hockey team?

The plural possessive is: girls' hockey team (a hockey team for girls).

In which year the US Hockey Team won Gold medal in Olympics?

The USA won a gold medal in hockey in the 1980 Olympic games and it was one of the most memorable moments in sports history after defeating the Russian hockey team which was a professional team that trained in the army just to play hockey.

How many player in one hockey team?


Best hockey team?

the best hockey team would be the one that wins the most winning shows that they can be good at that sport which could mean that they could be the best

What animal eats coral snakes?

there is no answer a member of our team are going to South Carolina to eat one and see there is no answer a member of our team are going to South Carolina to eat one and see there is no answer a member of our team are going to South Carolina to eat one and see

Does saskachewan's have a hockey team?

It dos not have an N.H.L hockey team

Does Nicaragua have an ice hockey team?

They do not have an ice hockey team.۴ۥ

Which team is the best team in hockey?

Since the National Hockey League is usually considered the best hockey league in the world, the winner of the Stanley Cup is the best team in hockey.

Hockey team captain?

Womens hockey team, Team GB: Kate Walsh

What is just Bieber favorite hockey team?

No one cares.

What hockey team one the championship in 2010?

The Chicago Blackhawks.

Who wore jersey 63 in the Carolina hurricanes ice hockey team?

Josef Vasicek from 2000-01 to 2005-06 and February-April 2007.

Where can one find more information on Cam Ward?

Cam ward is a hockey player that is currently with the Carolina Hurricanes. One can find information about Cam Ward on sites such as "The Hockey News" or "Rotoworld".

How many players per team are permitted to play on the court for hockey?

In ice hockey, 5 skaters and 1 goaltender are allowed on the ice, per team, at one time.

Does Indiana have a hockey team?

No they do not they only have a Minor League hockey team and Football and Basketball team!

Does Sacramento Have a Hockey Team?

Sacramento does not have a hockey team, but they do have a basketball team called the Sacramento Kings.

What professional sports teams are based in North Carolina?

There are a few different professional sports teams based in North Carolina. One team is known as the Carolina Niners, and it is a basketball team.