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There's no BODY checking in women's Ice Hockey. However in some exhibition games between United States and Canada, the referee's have been known to turn a "blind eye" to some of the rougher play that would otherwise be called as a penalty.

There isn't an all encompassing reason as to why it's disallowed. There's varying reasons depending on what Organization you ask. Although polling female players will usually result in the response that they feel checking should be in the game.

As far as the Olympics go, it's generally accepted that some countries where hockey doesn't have a large presence that the development just isn't there. When women first started playing hockey internationally there WAS checking. However with games against Canada of the U.S. other teams were often "steamrolled" by the recollection of spectators who had watched these games.

However to get back on point, many feel it's a decision that has just been carried on throughout the years trickling from top to bottom. Today unless Women play in a Coed league or discuss matters with referee's before games to allow such play, you won't see any checking legally in the game.

Many people feel as a result of this long decision that it has put the game in bad position. Bodychecking is said to develop a sense of awareness or "having your head up," enabling players to react to physical contact, the second part to this is the actual contact. Being checked brings forth the need to learn how to take a hit so that it's not a devastating event.

Many people feel the lack of it puts Women in the position to be injured more often, as they don't expect to be hit in games so never develop fully the ability to negotiate them safely.

To finish up here, in today's game and mentality it's no longer a stereotypical mindset that "women are softer," it's changed into a "this is just how the game has been for so long." type of mindset. Luckily many female players and males as well are speaking out against this issue and hope to have it changed.

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Q: Why is there no checking in womens hockey?
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