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for the players to rest as it is a really tiring game and for a team talk and game plans!

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Q: Why is there halftime in basketball?
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How long is halftime of an NCAA basketball game?

The normal halftime for a NCAA Collegiate basketball game is 20 minutes

How many minutes in high school basketball halftime?

Here in Georgia, the standard halftime is 10 minutes.

What is the length of halftime in college basketball?

15 minutes

How long did a halftime last under the original rules of basketball?


How long is halftime in a men's college basketball game?

15 minutes

What quarter in basketball?

in basketball, there are 4 quaters. after the 2 first quarters, it is halftime, and then comes the 3rd and 4th quarter.

Why do basketball players have to switch sides of the court after halftime?

The players switch sides after halftime to give both teams equal opportunities to win the game.

How long is halftime in the men's NCAA tournament basketball game?

20 minutes, like in all NCAA basketball games

Can you buy tickets at halftime in a basketball game?

if there is any open seats left then maybe

Who gets the ball after halftime in basketball?

the team who last had the ball before the buzzer sounded

How many breaks are there in basketball?

There are 4 quarters; breaks between each quarter, then a longer break at halftime.

When will a DVD or CD of the halftime performance at the 2008 NBA basketball game be released?

The NBA has not released a formal statement about the halftime performance for the 2008 NBA basketball game on DVD or CD. Performance clips of Harry Connick Jr. with the Jazz Pianists of New Orleans do appear on video sharing platforms like YouTube.

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