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It depends on what team's helmet you are reffering to. All NFL helmets have the following decals in the back: American flag, NFL logo and the manufacturer's safety warning decal that came with the helmet. Many teams also have the player's number on the back. The Dallas Cowboys have the last name of the player on the back of the helmet courtesy of a household labelmaker.

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The American Flag is a sense of Pride, Freedom and Patriotism towards our country. Football is a great American game and the flag on the back of each player's helmet represents that. The American flags began to appear on the back of the helmets soon after the attacks of 9/11 to show our love for this great country and unity among all of us. The American flag began to appear on more locations in different sports at around the same time. Examples are NBA backboards, College Basketball jerseys, College Football helmets etc....

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Q: Why is there an American flag on the NFL helmet?
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