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This makes it easier to see the water surface. If there are few ripples on the surface then what you see from the board is the bottom of the pool rather than the water surface. This makes it harder to judge where you are in relation to the water. It also breaks the surface tension of the water down somewhat, which means it is less of a shock hitting the water. This isn't as important as being able to see the surface easily though.

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Q: Why is there a stream of water jet coming out of a diving pool?
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What do you need for diving into a swimming pool?

A pool. Water. A swimsuit. Time

What are the fountains for in an Olympic diving pool?

You usually see them in diving competitions. The water spouting into the pool gives the divers perspective on the distance to the surface of the pool.

What are the similarities between swimming and diving?

swimming you have to go in a pool where as diving you dive into water from a height

What kind of water is in olympic diving pool?

chlorinated fresh water (not salt water )

What is the purpose of the small pool at the Olympics?

Diving, Water Polo, Etc.

How many gallons water in a 16x32x4 pool?

I had a pool liner replaced in a pool of that size; however, my pool also has an 8' diving well. The contractor said that I used 12,000 gallons of water.

How deep is the diving pool in the Beijing Water Cube?

5/6 meters

How many gallons of water are in the diving pool of the Beijing Olympics?

135000 gallons

What are 5 pool rules?

No running. No diving in the shallows water.

Why is there no water coming out of pool jets?

why is there a purple line around the top water line in my pool

Why is diving in to a swimming pool easier than a block of ice?

diving into a swimming pool is not hard because water moves and ice is hard and you will heart your self if u try to jump in ice

What is the temperature for diving in the Olympic pool?

Water temperature shall be min. 26oC (79oF).

Why is the temperature of the water in an Olympic diving pool cold?

It's not cold actually the rules mandate that the pool be 79 degrees F

How can you dive in the pool?

If the depth of the water is 8 feet or deeper and the diving board is no more than a foot or so off the water. You can bing/google the exact safety measures when it comes to diving into water.

Why is the small pool next to the Olympic diving pool?

hot pool

How many diving boards and blocks are there on an olympic pool?

1 diving board and8 diving blocks!

How many gallons of water does a diving pool that is 30 ft by 16 ft hold?

In order to solve this problem, you need to know how deep the pool is.

How deep does a pool without a diving board need to be for diving from pool's edge?

Generally, the safe depth is around 2m-2.5m

Instructions on how to put a swimming pool together?

how do u stop the water from coming out the sides of the pool

Why do the drivers get in the small pool?

It's a jacuzzi not a small pool. The water in the diving pool is quite cold and the jacuzzi helps relax their muscles and keep them warm until their next dive

How does a hydrostatic valve work?

A Hydrostatic valve is basically a plug that stop water coming down out of the pool, but when the water pressure under the pool gets higher then the pressure in the pool it will let water into the pool from underneath in order to stop the pool from floating in ground water.

What is the end of the pool where diving can be done called?

The Deep End or diving zone

Would the amount of water in a diving pool be measured in millimeters or kiloliters?

it should be kiloliters considering it's water which is measured in liters

How deep is a diving pool?


What kind of surface would you typically see a diving board hanging over?

You would most likely see a diving board over a pool of water that is infested with sharks.

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