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Water is sprayed onto the pool surface, creating a ripple effect, so the diver can see the surface. Without it, the water takes on a glass-like appearance, and all you can see is the bottom of the pool. The diver needs to be able to spot the water surface in order to enter the water correctly in the vertical position.

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Q: Why is there a spray of water in the pool for the divers?
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Why do olympic divers enter a second pool of water after they dive?

to col off

What are the fountains for in an Olympic diving pool?

You usually see them in diving competitions. The water spouting into the pool gives the divers perspective on the distance to the surface of the pool.

Why don't divers make a big splash when entering a pool?

Divers don't make a big splash when diving into a pool because of the way they have their bodies straightened out. It's the difference between throwing a rock into water, vs. throwing a small stick into the water.

Why do Olympic divers go in the small pool after a dive?

The small pool is a hot tub; divers go in to keep their muscles loose.

Why do swimmers and divers take showers after they get out of the water?

To wash off the chemicals of the pool water, especially the chlorine which is very drying

What happens to water that is sucked out of a pool by a tornado?

Most of the water will be scattered by the spinning winds as a spray.

How can you remove skunk spray from swimming pool water?

Use extra chlorine for about a week to shock the pool. As long as the water stays clear, you don't have a problem. If the pool gets cloudy, consult a professional.

Why do divers get into a wading pool after doing a dive off a high dive?

because the water is so cold from a high dive they go in the wading pool to warm back up

Why do swimmers and divers take showers after they get out to the water?

Pool water is treated with chemicals to make it safe to swim in (young children frequently relieve themselves in the pool). The chemical are not good for the skin and therfore pool users should shower BEFORE (to go in clean) and AFTER (to wash of the chemicals) they use the pool.

How do you get rid of water skippers in your pool?

Cover your pool if it will not be in use. Remove food sources for the bugs, other dead bugs and foliage. Spray existing bugs with soapy water.

Why do Olympic divers go in a small pool after diving?

Divers go in the spa so they don't get cold after each dive.

How do you get rid of biting or stinging flying bugs in pool?

If they are in your pool simply add 1 cup of dish soap to your water. this will lesson the surface tension of the water and allow them to fall into the water and die. If they are flying around your pool get a yard spray like raid.

Does a tornado suck water out of swimming pool?

Not exactly. The high winds can, however, spray some water out of a swimming pool. A tornado can also damage the walls of above ground pools, causing water to spill out.

Is there a law requiring a divers rope in a pool at all times?

There are laws requiring a diver's rope in a pool if the pool is a public access pool. This varies depending on the state where the pool is located.

Can we use Clorox to disinfect a child's swimming pool?

I would use it to clean the pool, swish it around with water, then throw the whole thing out and fill with clean water for the child to play in. There is a spray that Clorox has out called Everywhere spray that also cleans and is suppose to be safe for children to be around.

Is used to divers the earth?

Divers dive in the sea/water, not earth.

Can a microburst lift water out of a swimming pool?

The strong winds of a microburst may spray or splash some water out of a swimming pool, but other than that, no. Unlike a tornado, air in a microburst does not travel upwards.

What is the difference of divers and dabblers?

dabblers eat stuff at the surface of the water and divers eat stuff under water

How long is one training period for the scuba divers?

an average PADI course in the UK is compiled of 6 pool training sessions and 3 open water water dives (16 metres)

Why do the divers sit in a hottub after they dive?

They sit in warm water after they dive because the pool water is cold and they want to keep their muscles warm and ready to twist and turn again for their next dive.

How do you get dirt that very fine off the bottom of a pool?

spray it down then pour a little rubbing alcohol on it the whole thing then spray it down again and if that doesn't work then get a sponge with soap and scrub it and then spray it with water and it should work.

How do you dislodge many yellow jackets from a pool?

I would spray the nest (at night) IF I could find it using soapy water. I would keep a squirt gun or sprayer that goes a distance to spray them with soapy water, they can be shot out of the air and

How can you lower the temperature of a large outdoor pool?

I have seen many pools with spray nozzles that spray return water as a mist over the surface of the pool. If the circulation pump is turned on at night when the outside air temp drops, the misted water releases some of its heat into the atmosphere, and it falls into the pool at a cooler temp. The best way to cool your water in the summer is to buy fountains that plug into the outlets that carry water from the pump. Besides being famous for cooling the water, they are pretty.

looking for pool liner spray repair ?

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What is it called when whales spray water?

water spray