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Q: Why is there a quarterback in football?
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Which spirals easier a Nerf football or pro football by the same quarterback?

A pro football because the quarterback is used to throwing the pro football and not a Nerf football.

Who throws the ball in football?

The quarterback throws the football in football

What football players throws the football to the quarterback?


When was National Football League Quarterback Challenge created?

National Football League Quarterback Challenge was created in 1990.

When comparing communication process to football wHO is the quarterback?

The Quarterback would be the sender

Which sport features a quarterback?


What sport is there a quarterback?

American football.

What are football centers pointing at?


Which position is best in football?


What is the thrower in football called?


What is a quarterback in football?

The guy who calls hut

Why the football coach go to the bank?

To get is quarterback!