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I'm not sure how the net first came into the game but I've heard a couple good reasons for it which I'll share: 1. It helps determine if a shot was made. You know the term, "nothin but net" If there was no net and a ref didn't have a good view then it might look like an "airball" 2. The net also substantially slows down the ball coming through the hoop to avoid it from screamin through and off the court or hitting a player below the basket.

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Q: Why is there a net in basketball instead of just a rim?
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What is a basketball net?

a basketball net is the net hanging from the bottom of the rim on the basketball hoop

What holds the net to the rim of a basketball rim?

There are little u shaped hooks that are bent to hold the net

Who had the idea of a net hangiing on a basketball rim?


What is the rim in basketball attached to?

On a standard basketball net, the rim is attached perpendicularly to the backboard, which is usually white (or clear) in colour.

Where did the basketball net came from?

When basketball was first found, they used a laundry basket as a goal. then the rim was invented, then someone just had the idea to make a net out of string. By the time u knew it, it was known as a net.

How high is the rim of the basketball net?

10 ft high

What is the height of an NCAA basketball net?

The rim is 10 feet from the floor

How tall is a basketball net?

Professional height is 10 feet at the rim.

How do you install a basketball net on to a basketball rim?

on the rim, there should be little curly things. take the widest (top) part of the net and thread a net material through each of the curly things. sorry i dont have any more info :(

How tall is an elementary basketball net?

Every standard basketball net has a rim that is 10 feet from the floor, however some nets can be lowered.

What is a 'swish' in basketball?

== == When someone shoots the basketball and it goes through the net with out touching the rim

What is the radius of the basketball hoop?

The radius of a standard rim on a basketball net is 22.5cm, making the diameter 45cm.

Why are there baskets in basketball?

There are no baskets in basketball. The name was derived from the original game where peach baskets were hung on the wall and players shot the ball into them. Today we have a rim and a net. Without the rim and net there would be nothing to shoot at.

What is the rim in basketball?

The rim is the circular hoop attached perpendicularly to the backboard. The rim is usually painted orange and is made of iron. When the game first originated, a basket was used instead of a rim, which is why it is called 'basketball'.

How do you make a basketball net in basketball?

you use thin rope..and make chain link knots...and then stick it on the rim

What is the height of a profesional basketball net and stand?

The rim for a basketball court is positioned exactly 10 feet off the ground.

How do you replace a basketball hoop net?

First, you need a new net. To get one, go to your local sporting goods store. Then, take a ladder (unless your hoop is adjusted to be short) and go to the rung where you can reach the rim. There should be 6 or 8 spots where parts of the net are connected on the rim. Just cut the old net down. Then, take each part of the net and connect each one onto the 6 or 8 spots on the rim.

What is the height of a basketball net?

Ten feet from the floor to the rim (this is true for high school, college and NBA).

Does the presence or absence of a net affect free-throw accuracy?

yes it doesThe presence of a basketball net improves freethrow accuracy for a number of reasons. First it improves the depth perception of the shooter better enabling them to see the center of the rim. Second the net acts as a weight on the rim and "softens" the rim so that the basketball has a better chance of going through when it hits rim. Lastly, in outdoor games, the net can act as a gauge on how strong the wind may be blowing which definitely affects your shot.

Can you stencil your driveway if it is 20' x 20' in half court of basketball?

As long as you have a rim and a net.

What is the rim hook in basketball?

There is no such thing. That is probably just a term for a hook shot that hits the rim and bounces in the basket.

Why do you have a net on the basketball rim?

because if someone gets a swish then they would know if they missed it because the noise hitting the net would make a swishing sound.

How much do a basketball rim cost?

Depending on the quality, type, and brand of net you want...they can range from anywhere between $120-$800. The average net for have on the side of your house just for children to play around, will usually cost about $200.

How big is a basketball net?

An official, NBA-approved basketball net may be anywhere between 15" to 18" long. Obviously, it must also go around the rim of the hoop. An official basketball hoop is 18" in diameter; thus, the net must also be 18" in diameter at its widest point.

How far is it from the rim to the ground on a basketball goal?

The basketball rim is ten feet from the ground.