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The little ball on your squash racket is used to absorb the shock when you hit the ball. Once you get your strings changed, though, you no longer need the ball because the strings that you get put on your racket are generally better than the ones that your racket came with. If you take off the little ball with the original strings, you will probably be able to feel a little difference when you hit the ball (it might vibrate a little).

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Q: Why is there a little rubber ball in the strings of your squash racket?
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Can badninton racket strings be used for squash rackets?

No they are too weak!

Which racket sport uses small black rubber ball?


What is the biggest racket?

a tennis racket is bigger than a squash and badminton racket.

Can you play squash with a tennis racket?

no of course tennis is a game and squash is a different game for each sport there is a racket

Why are strings on a squash racquet hollow?

There are no hollow core squash racket strings, though they do exist for tennis. There are two main types of string design in strings used for squash: monofilament & multifilament. Monofilament strings are a single solid material while multifilament strings are braided and have no central core. Monofilament strings tend to be more durable but typically transfer more shock to the arm while multifilament strings have a softer feel at impact and are closer in playability to natural gut.

In which sports do player use a racket?

Tennis, squash, and racket ball

What is the best squash-ball racket?


What is the sport of squash in France?

It is a game similar to racket ball. You play with a ''flat'' ball and a racket.

What is the best squash racket?

i recomend the prince 03 tour squash racket it has a very nice feel and is meant to be one of the best rackets in the world i have 4 of them and they are great!

What sport that uses a racket and a small black rubber ball?

Squash. Others include tennis and racquetball, but the ball is not as small as in squash and is not black. Tabletennis uses a very small bat and ball also. (Also Handball uses a similar ball and similar court to squash, but is hit with a gloved hand)

Why do you use a squash ball for squash?

squash is a racket and BALL sport.. so you kind of need a ball to play. its like saying 'why do you need a tennis ball to play tennis?' :) xx

What are squash balls made from?

Squash balls are made from rubber. exacally the same as car tyres

Which sport is a racket game played in an enclosed court with a smallball that is hit against the wall?


When do the players play on channel ktla 5?

babminton/ squash/ tennis its a racket sports channel

What sport do win a rubber?

I know you can win a rubber in squash and Racquetball but not sure about what other sports

What equipment is needed to play squash?

The basic equipment needed to play squash are - - Athletic clothing, e.g. shorts, t-shirt, track suit, etc. - Indoor Court Shoes - Squash Racket - Eye Protection - Squash Ball You are now ready to play squash!

What can you serve but not eat?

A tennis ball perhaps, or a volleyball, or a racket ball, squash ball, or handball.

What is difference between squash and billiards?

The main differences are that squash is a racket sport and played on a court. Billiards is a cue sport and played on a table. There is only one soft ball in squash and three hard balls in billiards.

What is Irish hand ball?

It is a sport where you hit a rubber ball, that is slightly smaller than a tennis ball, against a wall and when it bounces back, your opponent must hit it. It would be similar to playing squash using your hand instead of a racket.

Is racket a noun?

Yes, the word 'racket' is a noun; a word for a loud, unpleasant noise; a type of bat with a round or oval frame used in tennis, badminton, and squash; a word for a thing.

What kind of clothes do you wear in squash racket?

Leggings or light track suit pants are good with a thin top

Can you use a racketball racket for squash?

No. Completely different types of rackets, balls, and even the court is vastly different.

What is a back wall?

In a racket sport such as racquetball or squash, a back wall is the wall directly opposite a front wall.

Which racquet sport uses a small black rubber ball?


What is a sport with four-walled court with a small rubber ball?