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It's not cold actually the rules mandate that the pool be 79 degrees F

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It is mandated that it be 79 degrees

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Q: Why is the temp cold in Olympic diving pool?
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Temperature of Olympic pool?

The official water temperature ranges for Olympic-sized pools used for the Olympic games are: Swimming pools: 25-28 °C Diving pools: Not less than 26 °C Water polo pools: 25-27 °C Synchronized swimming: 26-28 °C

What is the optimum temperature for a competition pool?

Not sure on exact temp...but it needs to be COLD.

Why water in swimming pool is cold and sides of pool is hot?

With any type of pool you have, inground, you have to remember that the ground temp is more constant than the water in the pool because the water is being moved and circulated. If the water never moved and stayed still, over time it would become warm also. The suns' rays as the earths temp.

Why do kids pee in the pool?

because they want it warm no imma kid and I no the coldness of the pool is COLD so we can mange the body temp so we pee and make it warm from persanol experience

Different temp in waterfall from top pool to the bootom pool?

how tall is the waterfall? What's the flow rate? What's the temp of the water and the ambient temp of the surrounding air?

Who makes Max Temp pool heaters?

Max Temp went out of business

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Why swimming pool warmer than room?

I would like to answer your question, but first I think you need to understand my background. We only sell to, and service commercial pools, most of which are indoor pools. We tell our customers to run the air temperature 1-2 degrees warmer than the pool water temperature. If your pool caters to casual swimmers you should run the pool temperature between 84-86 degree's. 83 is too cold and is like getting a cold steak at a fancy restaurant. Thus the air temp should be 85 to 88 degrees. By running the air temp just over the water temp you cut down on evaporation. Evaporation accounts for about 50% of the heat loss in a pool.

What is Swimming pool out door min temp?


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