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Q: Why is the switch often faulty in an old torch?
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Why does a light switch make scratchy noise when turned off?

An old/worn/faulty light switch, or the wires connected to the switch are loose. Replace the switch ASAP.

How do you burn down an old house?

with a torch

You have just noticed that your handbrake light is staying on in your car even when you have taken it off and driving is this a major fault this is a te year old ford fiesta?

Brake fluid is low or switch faulty.

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1999 sunfire and your check engine light comes on and goes off often?

This happened to my 16 year old daughter's car and it was because the gas cap was not on tightly and eventually found out it was faulty.

How does an ignition switch get fixed?

Usually by removing the old switch and replacing with a new switch.

If I was 6 years old yesterday and today I am 20 years old what type of computer am I using?

A faulty one.

Looking to find out how to change a heater switch harness for a 98 Chevy Tahoe?

The blowerfan switch is removeable from the climatcontrol pannel mine was black you don't have to replace the whole pannel my problem was finding the conecter or plugin mine was burnt I heated the old one with a torch and removed the wires with the clipends still on the wires and slid the wires on the pins in the new switch it was a seven wire connection with only six wires

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What can cause a faulty power supply?

A faulty power supply does not supply any power at all to a computer or supplies incorrect voltages. Most of the time faulty power supplies are not serviceable and require replacement.