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In a pool, the answer is obvious. In open water, this is not always true. Sometimes it is a loop or a straight distance.

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Q: Why is the swim leg triathlon broken up into laps?
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What do you do if you wanted to swim and you had a broken arm or leg?

well say that your leg is not broken if this dosent work then put a plastic bag over it but for honesty dont try to swim when you have a broken arm or leg

Can you swim with a broken leg?

You should not swim with a broken leg. If you leg is in a cast it should not get wet. If it has not been put in a cast then it would be extremely painful to try to go swimming.

What is an Olympic triathlon?

An Olympic triathlon is (obviously) the size they do in the Olympics and is the second-shortest official-sized triathlon (it goes Sprint>Olympic>Half-Ironman>Full Ironman) They are typically a 1.5km swim followed by a 40km bike leg, and finishing off with a 10 km run.

Do you have a broken leg?

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Which leg of the race kicks off the triathlon?


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What three events are in a triathlon?

Generally, the three events in a modern day triathlon are: Swimming, Biking and Running. In most triathlons participants will finish the swimming portion and quickly transition to biking apparel, whereby they start the bike leg of the race. Immediately after the bike leg, participants transition from bike to run and start the running leg of the race. The race is over when the run is finished. The winner of a triathlon competition is the person with the lowest overall time (which is the total of swim time + transition 1 + bike time + transition 2 + run time).

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What is a first leg in a Triathlon?

The first leg means the first event, and that would be Swimming. Then Transition 1, then cycling, then transition 2 then running. :)

How do you mend a broken leg?

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1800s how to cure a broken leg?

A broken leg in the 1800s was treated with a rudimentary splint. Two twigs were positioned around the leg and tied in place.

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