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being one of the most wealthy and powerfull nations in the world, the people dont have to worry about survival, they just worry about finding new ways to have fun, so, after a good 50 years of sports, they adopted football as a more nationally celebrated one.

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It depends in which society is being referred to, and what kind of football is being referred to. In America, football is a different sport then what most of the other world refers to it as. Most of the world refers to American soccer as 'Football'. It is very important worldwide, especially in colleges.

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It's not actually that important to most of us. It's noteworth, certainly, and it's an excuse to get together with friends and have a party, but I think the dirty little secret is that most Americans probably care more about the commercials (which are often cute, clever, bewildering, or all three) than they do about the game itself, unless their particular favorite team is playing. None of mine are this year, so I don't really care who wins as long as Denver loses.

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americans like the thrill and it is full contact and involves violonce and hitting 2 of our countries favorite thingss

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Q: Why is the super bowl so important to Americans?
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