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because he is the best next to Kobe

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 15:49:00
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Q: Why is the song forever about LeBron James?
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Why is LeBron James in the song forever?

the song was written for his documentary

What is the name of the song that drake sang about lebron James?

The name of that song is "Forever" Not Chris Brown's "Forever", Drake's "Forever"

Do you like LeBron James?

Yes! I love Lebron James always and forever!

Do you like Lebron?

Yes! I love LeBron James always and forever!

What does the song forever mean by drake?

The song forever by drake means that he wants to be an artist forever he gets a lot of girls and he likes that that's why it says im not even planning to call.Answerits talking about lebron James's life

Is there a song about LeBron James?

yes eminem made it about lebron when he was in highschool

What album is forever on by drake?

the song is featured on the soundtrack to the LeBron James documentary More Than a Game & Eminem is releasing it on his next album.

Who is the person in the beginning of the music video forever by drake?

Lebron James

Why must LeBron James suck so bad?

Because he is Lebron James and now has bad karma due to what he did in Cleveland. He will now be forever jinxed.

LeBron James favorite song?

Main attraction

Why is LeBron James in forever video?

Lebron, putting together a documentary to document his career and success thus far, was able to get Drake, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, and Eminem together to put together the theme song for this film titled, "More Than A Game". The music video, featuring Lebron was also to promote the song, "Forever" by Drake featuring the previously named artist.

What is Lebron James's favorite warm up song?


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