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It is yellow and some of them have red stripes like baseballs or blue stripes.

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It looks all torn up and dirty and scraped up.

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Q: Why is the shape of the softball like that?
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Why are turds shaped like a softball?

They usually take the shape of the colon.

What does a pentagon look like in softball?

The only pentagon shape in softball is home plate. It is five sided, a square base with a euclidean triangle on top. It is basically a white slab of rubber.

What is the softball playing field called?

It is shaped as a diamond.

What is a softball tournament?

a softball tournament is exactly like a baseball tournament, exept with softball

Why is the softball called the softball?

A softball is called a softball because its core is soft and sponge like. The outside is definately not soft but the core is!

Other then home plate what shape are all of the other bases in softball?


What sport was invented as a way to keep athletes in shape the winter months?


How much does a softball wight?

one softball wight like about 2kg

What shape of a sphere look like?

Think of any ball you have ever held in your hand. A baseball, a softball, a tennis ball, a bowling ball - those are all spheres.

Is there such a thing as AAU in softball?

There is ASA softball which is club team in a way like AAU

What sport was invented as a way keep athletes in shape during the winter months?


Do more people like soccer or softball?

More people like soccer then softball because it is the most played sport in the world