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The same reason every other gas in a Scuba cylinder is compressed. If a cylinder is pressurized, then the gas in it is compressed by definition. If it is not pressurized, then there is obviously no gas in the cylinder to breath.

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Q: Why is the oxygen in a SCUBA thank is compressed?
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Why is the oxygen in a scuba tank compressed?

The same reason every other gas in a scuba cylinder is compressed. If a cylinder is pressurized, then the gas in it is compressed by definition. If it is not pressurized, then there is obviously no gas in the cylinder to breath.

Why is oxygen in a scuba tank compressed?

It's compressed so they can fit fit more oxygen in it. In face it's compressed so much that it actually turns into a liquid.

Is oxygen a compressed gas?

Oxygen can be compressed and using a diving situation either in a mix with other gases such as in normal air or special mixes i.e. Trimix, Nitrox etc. Or it could be compressed and used on its own. Compressed oxygen on its own is usually only used in rebreathers where the exhaled gas is reoxygenated. In short, oxygen can be compressed on its own or with other gases for use in SCUBA diving

Mixture of gases for scuba diving tanks compared to normal atmospheric air?

Most SCUBA divers dive with compressed air, which is normal atmospheric air compressed into a scuba tank.

Is air in a scuba tank a solution?

The air inside SCUBA tanks is, usually, just regular air that has been compressed and "jammed" into a tank. Some diving applications utilize gas mixtures of oxygen, nitrogen (and sometimes hydrogen).

Why do you need oxygen cylinders when you go scuba diving?

The simple answer is ... you don't. A majority of scuba dives use compressed air in the cylinders. Therefore you don't need "oxygen" cylinders. HOWEVER, if you are a diver that is diving on Nitrox, in which divers change the amount of oxygen vs nitrogen in their air, then your tank needs to be "oxygen clean" because you are putting oxygen in first, then nitrogen.

What elements are in air tanks scuba divers use?

Generally compressed air (oxygen 20 % and nitrogen 80 %; for other mixtures see the link bellow.

How is compressed oxygen defined?

Compressed oxygen--oxygen that is stored as a gas in a tank.

Does compressed oxygen have a weight?

actually compressed oxygen does actually have weight.

How do scuba divers sink if they ave tanks of compressed air on their backs?

Scuba divers also wear lead weights on a belt

What causes the pressure inside a scuba tank?

The compressed air pushing against the inside of the scuba tank causes pressure inside it.

What type of oxygen is in a scuba tank?

Unless you've been specially trained to use any other form of air, it's the same as normal air, just compressed with impurities removed.

How is oxygen compressed in a scuba tank?

There are 2 answers to this... air or sometimes nitrox is compressed into scuba tanks using multi stage compressors. These use pistons to increase pressure incrementally and then remove the water and filter it in a 'filter stack'. Oxygen is much more difficult to put into cylinders because it is highly reactive at high pressures. It is either decanted from high pressure oxygen cylinders or pumped from an oxygen cylinder to a higher pressure using a booster pump. You need to ensure that there are no fuels in cylinders like oil from previously being filled with air from a conventional compressor as this can cause a dangerous reaction when the oxygen is added.

Why scuba divers use mixture of nitrogen and oxygen?

Because that is what air is made of and scuba divers need to breath air. It is however possible to increase the amount of O2 in the gas mixture if you are trained to breath Nitrox as a scuba diver and if you are a technical diver to add other gases such as helium to the mix. Recreational diver however normally breath simply compressed air.

How do scuba divers sink if they have tanks of compressed air on their backs?

they have weight belts

Are scuba tanks hydraulic or pneumatic?

SCUBA tanks are metal (usually steel or aluminum) that are filled with compressed air. This is loosely related to a pneumatic system.

How is compressed gas useful?

Depends on what the gas is. Compressed air is used by scuba divers to breathe, auto mechanics to drive lots of theirtools, carpenters for air powered nailers. Compressed oxygen is usedto help people with breathing problems in or out of the hospital,withacetylene in oxy-acetylene torches to cut thru metals. Maybe you mean CNG, compressed natural gas, which is mostly methane, and is used as a fuel.

Do scuba divers breath pure oxygen?

Technical scuba divers do, but recreational divers do not.

Where is it useful for gases to be compressed?

Refrigerators, combustion engines, air cannons, SCUBA and submarines.

How can you fill a tank of compressed air without an air compresser?

You can use a scuba tank, but that is it.

Why only oxygen is not used in tanks of scuba divers?

Naturally the air we breath has 70% of nitrogen and only 21% of oxygen, this is done is scuba diving as well. Just oxygen is not enough for living, while oxygen is essential one.

Why is the oxygen in scuba tanks compressed?

To fit more in. If it was at 1 atmosphere of pressure it would be like breathing out of a bag. (You would run out of air in about 5 or 6 breaths) Addendum: I should add that it's not oxygen in SCUBA tanks; it's air. Oxygen when delivered under pressure, can cause convulsions. You'll never see a diver with oxygen in her tanks.The above is correct, however oxygen is used by technical divers during decompression at very shallow depths. But this is not what is in the divers main gas or bottom gas.

Is compressed air in a scuba diver's tank a pure substance?

No it is not by any means. it is atmospheric air compressed with the high amounts of carbons and other gases lowered or removed.

Can you scuba dive with a pure oxygen tank?


How much does scuba gear weigh?

Different scuba gear types weigh different amounts. The oxygen tank is the heavy part of the scuba diving gear.