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Because football is brown.

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โˆ™ 2012-12-30 12:34:09
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Q: Why is the color of the football brown?
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What color is football?

Football is brown

What color is the Football fish?

Orange and Brown

What color is a football?

Most Footballs are brown with white markings

Is football brown?

Yes football is brown

Why is a football brown?

Because a football is brown.

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What is the official pantone colors for a football?

I just spent 20 minutes in Dick's Sporting Goods with an official NFL leather one and a official high school leather football and a Color Bridge and the color of a brand new one is 7524C but if you want what we all think of as a football, it would be darker due to the oils in your hands. The new color is very pinky brown.

Is football an adjective?

no that is a noun if you said BROWN football brown would be an adjective

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Robert Brown - American football - was born in 1960.

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It is leather. Leather is brown.

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