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Because its one of the color of flag of Netherlands.

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Q: Why is the color of the Netherlands football team orange?
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What is the color of The Netherlands's soccer team?

Orange is the colour of the Netherlands' football team.

What country's national team is nicknamed A Clockwork Orange?

The Netherlands national football team was nicknamed Clockwork Orange in the 1974 FIFA World Cup, for its playing organization, which became known as Total Football, combined with the orange color of its uniform.

Why do the dutch football team wear orange?

The Netherlands national football team wears orange and are nicknamed Oranje in honour of the Dutch Royal Family, the House of Orange-Nassau.

Why is orange a celebration color in Amsterdam?

Orange is the color of the royal family and also the dutch football team.

Why do the Dutch football players wear orange?

The Netherlands' national football team is famous for wearing a bright orange jersey when playing home. This is because orange is the historic national color of the Dutch, originating from the coat-of-arms of the Netherlands' founding father, William of Orange-Nassau. The red band on their national flag was originally orange as well.

What football team is orange and white?

Clemson is the Orange and White football team. .

Why do sport fans of The Netherlands wear orange?

because that's the colour of their national football team kit, and by that i mean real football.

When was Netherlands national football team created?

Netherlands national football team was created in 1905.

What is 'Netherlands National Football Team' in Dutch?

'Nederlands nationaal voetbalelftal' is the Dutch equivalent of 'Netherlands National Football Team'.

What football team has black and orange as their colors?

the syracuse orange

What is the colors of the dutch football team?


What football team plays in Blue and Orange?

the bears

What are the colors of the gator football team?

Orange and blue.

Is there a football team with orange and yellow jerseys?


What is the team name of Syracuse football?

The Syracuse Orange

What American football team has orange and white?


What is the most successful football team in the Netherlands?

Probably Ajax

Who is Netherlands football team coach?

Bert van Marwijk

What is the nickname for the Netherlands national football team?

Oranje (named after the shirt colour, orange, which is derived from the royal family name, Oranje-Nassau, named after the principality of Orange, nowadays a city in southern France.

Which football team has the letter a every other letter in its name?

Ajax - A team in The Netherlands

What football team was nicknamed orange crush?

The Denver Broncos

What was the Netherlands football team nicknamed in the Clockwork Orange?

Bacuse of their uniform that even through some variations has tradionally been orange. Also because of their playing style called Total Football. They play like a well oiled and precise machine, like a clockwork.

What is a good team name for the color orange?


Country football team PSV Eindhoven come from?

The Netherlands, Eindhoven

What are the Browns football team colors?

The Clevleland Browns are Orange and Brown.