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In most hardwood courts there's a nail right in the center so that shooters can use it to properly allign themselves to the hoop

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2011-11-05 21:57:22
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Q: Why is the center of the free throw line on a basketball court called the nail?
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How many circles are on a basketball court?

There are Five circles on an NBA court. Center court, Free Throw Lines, and the two nets.

What is the name of each line in basketball?

Center Court Line, Free Throw Line and Base Line.

Where is the nail on a basketball court?

exact center of thee free throw line. from a b ball broadcast 020811

Can the basketball touch the court during a throw in?

yes it can

What is the name of the second line on the basketball court?

free throw line free throw line free throw line

What are the two sets of boundary lines called on the basketball court?

The boundary lines you are referring to would probably be the sidelines or baselines. The rest of the lines on a basketball court include:SidelinesBaselinesMid Court LineThree Point LineFree Throw LineFree Throw CircleLane LineCenter CircleFor pictures and more information, please refer to the related link.

What are the parts of a basketball court?

The parts of the basketball court are: the three-point line, the key, the base line, the free throw line, the sideline and the half-court line.

How far is the center of the hup from the free throw line in basketball?

I think you meant hoop and the hoop is 15 feet away from the free throw line in basketball.

What is it called when you get a basketball in the basketball hoop?

Field goal, bucket, or free throw.

How do you measure the free throw line in basketball?

15 feet out from the center of the basket

How many points for regular throw in basketball from half court?

3 points.

What is the line of the basketball court?

There are alot of lines. Sidelines, free throw line.

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