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They stole a player from another team. Were labeled pirates for stealing player

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Q: Why is the Pittsburgh baseball team called the pirates?
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What were the Pittsburgh penguins originally called?

Before they were called Pittsburgh pirates. Now the baseball team in Pittsburgh is called The Pittsburgh Pirates

Were the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team ever called the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No, they were not. However the Pittsburgh Steelers football team was known as the Pirates from 1933-1939.

What did pirates play?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a professional baseball team.

Who is the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team?

Clint Hurdle is the manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Are the Pittsburgh pirates a good baseball team?


What is the Pirates?

The Pirates are a major league baseball team from Pittsburgh PA.

Where do the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team play?

The Pittsburgh Pirates play in PNC Park located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Who was the best baseball team in 1979?

Pittsburgh Pirates

What team did Roberto clemente play baseball for?

Pittsburgh Pirates

What is the mascot for the Pittsburgh pirates baseball team?

The Pirate Parrot

What baseball team had hats with stars?

1979 Pittsburgh Pirates

What baseball team does Bruno mars support?

pittsburgh pirates

What are sports team names starting with the letter P?

The Pittsburgh Pirates are a baseball team. The Pittsburgh Penguins are an ice hockey team.

Who are the Pittsburgh Pirates?

an major league baseball team in the national league

What baseball team almost drafted Fidel Castro?

Pittsburgh Pirates

Words starting with z that have to do with pirates?

Richie Zisk played outfield for the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team during the 1971-1976 seasons. Mike Zagurski was a pitcher on the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team during the 2013 season.

What baseball team in the 1800 received their name when they stole a player from a rival team?

Pittsburgh Pirates

What is the NFL team that is called the pirates?

There isn't one. You may be thinking about the Pittsburgh Pirates in Major League baseball. Or possibly the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL.

What major league baseball team has the most batting champion?

pittsburgh pirates

What baseball team had the fewest errors in major league baseball 2009?

Pittsburgh Pirates with 73.

What is the team salary for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

The Pittsburgh Pirates's 2014 team salary is $77666333, 26th in the MLB.

Where can you find the Pittsburgh Pirates team font?

what font pittsburgh pirates use

Which favorite baseball team did Honus wagner play for during his legendary baseball career?

Pittsburgh Pirates.

What major league baseball team had the most losing seasons in a row?

The Pittsburgh Pirates

What does P on wiz khalifa mean?

It's the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball team's logo.

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