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because we will be hosting an olympic games.

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Q: Why is the Olympics big thing for London in 2012?
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Why is the Olympics 2012 important for people that live in London?

because people that live in London . it is a big event for the to be holding the Olympics 2012

Who is in charge of the 2012 Olympics?

big dave

What is the most populear city in England?

London is the most popular city in England. It is the capital city of the country and is the home of popular tourist attractions such as the Eye of London, and Big Ben. London will also play host for the 2012 Olympics.

Famous events that take place in London?

Trooping the Colour, Changing Guard at Buckingham Palace, London Marathon, Olympics 2012, Big Ben chiming, Last Night of the Proms, Ceremony of the Keys, etc.

What are some reasons to love London England?

From Big Ben and Picadilly Circus (!) to their (four) World Heritage Sites and the London Underground (a railway) London has many popular attractions for the world's tourists, especially those visiting for the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympics (27 July to 12 August).

Which horses from England are going to the 2012 Olympics?

Tripple X III Big Star

What events took place in the O2 arena in the London 2012 Olympics?

The O2 Arena, or North Greenwich Arena, as it was known during the recent Olympics, is an entertainment complex in London. It is mostly used for concerts, with many big entertainment names like Metallica, Rolling Stones and Beyonce performing there. Many sporting events are held there, from Tennis to Darts, as well as other entertainment events.

What size is the 2012 olympic stadium?

how can we ask you anything if you dont even have the size of the london 2012 olympic stadum:L

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